Written by jigglenut

17 Dec 2011

its that time of year again where office parties are all the rage and this year my wifes employer had requested that their partners were invited along. I wasn't that bothered but decided to accompany her to the do that was at a hotel which most of them seem to be these days. We arrived at the hotel and duly booked in and went to our room to get ready where we showered and had a swift drink to prepare us. I noticed that Deb had on a black dress with rather sexy underwear on underneath to which i commented on and her reply was " you have to make an effort at these things".

We went downstairs to the bar where we met up with others from the office and just did idle chit chat really and I was introduced to a guy called Jim who was about 35 years of age quite slim and obviously looked after himself. I noticed that Debra seemed to have a lot of interest in Jim and as the evening went on actually began flirting with him. Anyway the disco had started after the meal and everyone was having a good time dancing and excessive drinking and that included both myself and Debra who was quite tipsy to say the least.

I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air as it was getting quite stuffy in the room and I needed to cool down a bit. I was walking through the grounds of the hotel and watching all the smokers etc outside and then decided after about 20 mins to head back inside. When I was walking around the building to the doorway I passed the windows to the main hallway and through them I could see Deb who was talking to the guy Jim. I don't know why but I decided to stop and watch and saw them chatting and laughing and then come closer together and kiss. debra then took Jim by the hand and led him into a cloakroom just off the main hallway and I moved along so that I could now see through this window. They both began to kiss passionately and I could see Jim was feeling Debs greasts through her dress and Debra was fumbling with his trouser belt before undoing it and letting his trousers fall to the floor. She then reached into his underwear and pulled out Jims cock which was about 7" in length and quite a girth on it and she quickly wrapped her lips around it and began to suck it in and out of her mouth. I was frozen to the spot and was torn between going in there and confronting both of thenm or getting out my now rock hard cock and wanking it there and then but thankfully did neither. I continued to watch and saw Jims face start to contort and knew he was about to cum and at that Debra took it out of her mouth and watched as spurt after spurt of cum shot out into the air onto the carpet beneath. They straightened their clothes and made their way out to the hallway again where I had arrived at the same time and told them that I had been out for a bit of air and was everthing ok to which they replied yes.

The party carried on and later in the evening I saw Debra and Jim chatting again and so I went across to both of them and told them I knew about them and had watched it all through the window. Jims face was a picture when he heard my words and Deb didn't know what to do either. I suggested that we all went to our room to talk about it and there may be a solution to the situation if all agreed. I told Debra that I had always wanted a 3 sum as she knew and this could be the perfect situation if we all agreed. Jim obviously was all for it and Debra to no surprise agreed too so that she could get out of the situation she had got herself into.

to be continued;