Written by daveb

27 Dec 2007

my wife is 36 years old, blonde with a 34c 25 35 figure she has one of them spray tan devices so she has a tan all year round. she had been out the other night with some of her friends and she was wearing a short silver dress with matching heels a tiny thong and no bra. she got home at about 3 am and this is what she told me had happened. they had bumped into an old friend who she has known all her life ,her name is sandra and she is a lesbian ,i have seen her and she is the type that likes too dress like a man,jeans boots ect,she isnt that good looking either. any how she invited the wife and her friends to a xmas party so they all went,it was at someones house and not just women, there were couples there as well. just after midnight a lot had left and others were spread about and some were asleep.the wife said she was in the kitchen when sandra came in to get a drink and a slow record started playing , sandra put her arms around her and got her to dance with her and while they danced she told sue that she had always fancied her and whether she had been with a woman ,the wife said no , and the drink must have taken affect because when sandras hands dropped down to the hem of her dress she didnt pull away and before she knew it her hands were inside her thong rubbing her shaved pussy . she said she was going to push her away but sandra took her hand and led her to a bedroom, she took her thong off ,laid her on the bed and started licking her out .the wife said as she was having an orgasm , sandra stripped them both naked and they had sex with each other for an hour ,they even rubbed their pussies together and she showed me a love bite on her thigh that she had done and one on her left breast