Written by Lancsman2011

15 Feb 2012

This happened on a recent holiday to Goa,it was our first time there and we were quite surprised at how many Russians were there.We are both in our 50s, my wife Sue slightly older than me and for past few years had gone off sex.After about a week we wandered into a Russian bar and ordered some drinks, there were quite a lot of guys in and few females.We sat at a table and just chatted amongst ourselves when Sue said I thing those 3 guys are saying something about me, now Sue is 5'6,size 10/12 with 34 f tits,I looked around and it was obvious that they were looking over and smiling but talking in Russian, they probably fancy you I said, Hmmph I doubt it they are only in their 30s Sue replied.One of the guys wandered over and in broken English asked where we were from, Manchester I said and he said Manchester United, smiling I nodded as this is standard thing you get and as a city fan I was not impressed.He asked if I wanted to play pool and looking to Sue she nodded and said go on I will wait here, so I went into back with him.After 10 mins I came back to check on Sue and stopped as she was chatting and laughing with the other 2 russians, and there hands were wandering over her,I stood and watched for a few minutes then finished my pool game.I said to Sue, shall we make a move, no she said lets stay, I said I am not feeling to good, ok she said, wait said one of the russians who spoke better english, we will see your wife back safely, I dont know I said, it will be ok darling these 3 will take care of me.With that I left her there and went home,3 hours later no sign of Sue so I walked back to the bar which was now closed up,I had not passed so thought maybe she had gone via the beach so went back that way, near one of the closed beach shacks I could hear giggling and talking so moved closer and got the shock of my life,Sue lay on a table and the 3 russians with their cocks out, she was being licked by one and sucking the other 2 who were stood either side of her.When her mouth not full of russian cock she was moaning and saying "that its baby lick my pussy" The one licking her stood up and his cock was huge, he put it at Sues pussy entrance and said you want my russian cock up you you slut, Yes fuck me now she said and he rammed his full cock right up Sue who gasped then let out a animal groan as he started to pound her.She was still sucking the other 2 greedily as the one up her went harder and faster, she pulled her head away and came with him in her screaming as she did then he grunted and filled her with his hot come, no protection used by these lads.He pulled out and said something in russian to his mates and laughed as he slapped Sues arse, get up he said,she did slowly on wobbly legs with his come dribbling out of her.One of the other lads lay on the table and Sue was told to mount his rampant cock, she climbed onto the table and lowered herself on him facing his feet, he started to rub his mates come on her arse as she rode him making her moan louder,then he pushed his fingers up her making her stop riding and shuddering as he did so.Now she has never let me fuck her arse so this surprised me and even more so when she said put more in and started to fuck up n down on him again, his mate climbed on the table behind her and the first one said he is going to fuck you in the arse, her head went forward and she whispered yes do it now, he came behind her and pushed the tip into her and god she moaned and squeeled as she felt 2 cocks in her at same time.They both started to fuck her in unison as she groaned like a animal urging them to fuck her, by this time big cock had started to get hard again and moved to her head,Sue greedily took his cock in her mouth sucking him like a vacuum, she now had 3 russian cocks deep in her and appeared to be loving it, the one in her arse said he was coming,well I presume that was what he said in russian as he then thrust deep shouting something and slapping her arse as he pumped into her, he pulled out and his mate up her cunt was next to unload up her, her 3rd load of come,this just left monster cock in her mouth who was now face fucking her calling her his dirty whore,Sue was greedily gobbling his big cock, he pulled out and shot his load all over her face and head and it was a big load considering it was his second lot.They all lay or stood there and started to get dressed so I dashed off and back to our room, 15 mins later Sue sneaked in while I pretended to sleep,I could hear her in the bathroom having a shower,when she came into the room I was awake and said 'Hi you are late,you ok" We went to a club she said,I am knackered."I hope they took care of you" Oh yes she said they looked after me,nothing was to much trouble and I said I may go with them again if that ok "Fine I said so long as they take the same care next time" They will she assured me they certainly will.