Written by happydaddy

19 Nov 2008

The original post goes back to 4th July 2005 and we,ve just been reading it again after all this time,im not going through all the details again if you want to read it its on about page 223 on the date above,its just that we thought we would share the story about what happened after we got home.

This happened in March 05 we got home and contined as normal,work ,sex, nights out/in and Julie continued her periods that was until she collaped at work in early august when i got the call and got to hospital she was sitting up looking tired but beaming a big smile before i had the chance to ask what was going on she just shouted out"im pregnant", i could not believe it we had been trying for years and to be honest had totally given up on the idea of being parents,then came the shock news she was now 5 months pregnant and the dates given to us for conception were early march which is of course the time we were in Lanzarote and her pooltable fuck with two cousins who owned the bar, we of course had not told anyone of what happened that night on holiday apart from me posting it to strangers on here 3 years ago,my parents even joked with us it must have been all that drink the two of you had on holiday when we told them,they were as excited as grandparents to be usually are.

The baby a boy we have named James William was born december 14th 2005,he was and still is beautiful but Julie and i both know everytime we look at him that he isnt mine he is the offspring of one of the two lads who fucked her on the pooltable.

Julie wanted us to try for another child early last year after months of trying we went for tests and i was told that i have a very low sperm count and that i was lucky to get Julie pregnant the first time,to be honest i even got the impression the doctor must have thought Julie had gone elsewhere to conceive our first child,but that might be me just being paranoid,so thats us upto date now looking forward to xmas with James he is now looking forward to santa coming and we are both grateful and happy that i lost all those games of pool 3 and a half years ago.