Written by Mark

28 Oct 2009

I am married to Anna, she's 35, but looks younger. She is about 5'5", has short dark hair, brown eyes, slim, 32D boobs with nipple piercings, firm arse and trim legs. We both keep fit, regularly visiting the Gym and swimming. We have a comfortable lifestyle, house, car each, 2 weeks in the sun each summer and perhaps skiing in the winter. Of course to afford this, two incomes are essential and in the current economic climate job security is a worry for us as it is with many other people. Anna worked as a manager in a call centre sometimes working shifts which could end as late as 2am so when the company announced, earlier this year, that it intended to make half the 400 staff redundant we had a worrying few weeks until she told me wasn't one. The only difference being she would have to work more late shifts.

Life continued as normal until about 6 weeks later when one lunchtime I bumped into a woman I vaguely knew who worked with Anna. She stopped for a chat asked about Anna enquiring "Has Anna found a new job yet?" "Oh, why do you ask? I replied and she said Anna had been made redundant several weeks earlier. I just about managed to stutter some inane reply and returned to my office. I spent the afternoon trying to work but mostly wondering what was going on, where was she going each night, perhaps to a friend rather than tell me what had happened. I'd noticed that she had been putting on a bit more makeup recently, wearing shorter skirts and she told me it was to make sure the bosses noticed her. If not work where was she going. I decided that I would have to follow her that night.

She left just as it was getting dark and I watched to see which way she turned before following. She was heading towards work but then instead of turning left at a roundabout she headed towards the motorway. It was completely dark by now and increasingly difficult to keep her in sight as she left the motorway and headed into the city centre where I lost her when I got held up at some lights. Do not believe those films where a private eye tails some one for miles with no problems, I'm telling you its almost impossible, by your self, in the dark. It took 4 more attempts before I succeeded and saw her enter a multi storey in a fairly seedy part of town. I stopped further down the road and waited. She appeared and I followed until she entered a building. I waited a few minutes before approaching to see where she'd gone. Lap Dancing, Pole Dancing, Private shows said the sign. What was my wife doing. Inside the door was a paying desk and standing next to it a Bouncer. I'd been standing there thinking what to do when he opened the door and said "Either come in or fuck off". I went in and handing over my money entered a large darkened room with a floodlit stage in the centre with a couple of girls just wearing G-strings dancing. Keeping to the shadows I moved around to see if I could see Anna, nothing. A couple more acts went on the stage and I thought maybe she's got a job doing the books and admin.

Still moving around I heard the compere saying "Now one of your favourites, Tracy" I looked at the stage and just stepping on was a dancer with long blond hair, wearing g string, stockings, suspenders and an open cup bra. As soon as she turned I knew, the pierced nipples, the little tattoo on her hip, the blond wig to try and hide her identity. The music was loud and as she danced she stripped. She untied the string revealing her shaved pussy, something she'd only recently started doing. Now just wearing the stockings and shoes she moved to the edge of the stage and standing with her legs parted used her fingers to part her pussy lips and stroke her clit. I was standing there watching my wife exposing her naked body and practically bringing herself off in front of 50 or so men. She then left the stage and danced in front of men and those who handed over money got a close up dance with her cunt right in there face. I'm sure several stuck out there tongues and managed to taste her before she moved away pushing them off. Standing next to me was a well dressed man and as we watched he said "I wouldn't mind shagging her. She's really popular here. She does private shows as well, stag nights, rugby clubs and sometimes performs with a male stripper they're usually pretty wild." He then told me were she was appearing a day or so later and offered me a ticket which I bought. I rushed home and had a good wank as in reality I'd been excited watching her and when she came in pretended to be asleep, although in the morning we had a fuck before I went to work.

A couple of nights later the show. She left and I gave her a good half hour before driving to it. I showed my ticket and went to the function room which was fairly dark except for the stage and bar. I bought a drink and saw the bloke who sold me the ticket and sat with him. A couple of acts came on followed by Anna who went through a straight forward strip. the first two then did a sort of lesbian strip before it was announced the highlight of the night "Tracy and Mike". They came on stripping and caressing each other. He was a large muscular bloke and finally they were both down to strings, he got down in front of her and undid hers pulling it away and burying is face in her pussy while she held his head as he licked. She then got down and removed his string then took his prick in her hand stroking it before wrapping her lips round it sucking him off in front of about 100 men and a few women. She continued doing this his cock now erect and at the same time I could see her hand between her legs on her pussy. He then lay on his back and she got on top facing the audience who by now were going wild. She lowered herself until the tip of his prick was touching her cunt. The crowd were now chanting "FUCK HER, FUCK HER, FUCK HER" as he lifted his hips and pushed his cock into her waiting cunt. This just went on and on, fucking her hard as she massaged her tits and played with her nipples before he turned her on to her knees and penetrated her from behind as she rubbed her clit and I'm sure came. Next she was on her back with him astride with his cock between her tits which she pressed together while he tit fucked her the tip of her tongue licking him with every thrust. He was close to cumming and moved faster and with a final jerk he came, jetting cum on her face which as she sat up ran down over her tits.

I'd seen enough and with a raging hard on left and went home. Anna got home about midnight and showered and came to bed. I was so turned on I still had an erection and as soon has I saw put my hand on her pussy and inserted my fingers and we were soon fucking.

She still doesn't know I've found out and she is getting good money. Every week or so I go to the club to watch and and listen to what the punters say. When she comes in I'm so hard I fuck her. Perhaps I will not tell her as I enjoy watching her perform in front of these men who all want to fuck and can't.