Written by Husband

7 Aug 2011

We have been married 12 years and her sexual experiance was very limited when we married and until recently had not bothered her, but she started to talk about what she had missed out on and wondered what sex with other men was like?

After a weeks of arguments and discussing she said she just needed to know what it would be like with another man, she felt so strongly about it she even threatened seperation although she still loved me.

My mind was in turmoil she said it would be just sex a one off thing! in the end to save my marriage i very reluctantly agreed and said she could find a safe man to have sex with, so we searched on the internet to find someone suitable this took a few weeks but in the end contacted a man who agreed and a meet up was arranged at a hotel we arrived early checked in and my wife showered shaved her pussy and dressed in new lingerie bought for the this , black stockings, suspender belt, very sexy sheer panties, matching half cup bra and when made up looked stunning. She noticed i had an erection and said you seem excited at the thought of your wife with another man.

We met the guy in the bar and had drinks and chatted and then decided to go to the room I sat in the corner whilst she kissed and stripped him off revealing a large erect cock and she gasped at the size of it.

he undressed her down to her stockings and suspenders and then i saw my wife take hold of his throbbing erection and drop to her knees.

I was watching my wife take another mans penis in her mouth and started to suck and lick for all she was worth it was like all her pent up frustration was released and very soon i could see him tense but she did not move her lips away and he exploded his hot cum into her willing mouth and she swalloed and sucked every drop.

At this point as he recovered in the bathroom she came over to me and said are you enjoying this as much as she was and kissed me hard and i could actually taste his cum as she transfered it between kisses.

When he returned they resumed on the bed with him having sex with her in several positions including doggie and she orgasmed a number of times altogether he came in her three times over the night.

After he left we had the best sex ever and she declared it was the best nite ever, the problen is she has wanted to repeat it again and said as i obviously enjoyed watching her have sex with another man we should ! she is now awakened to other lovers and we have done the same again but this time she encouraged me to lick his penis clean after he had cum in her, she went wild when I was licking the mix of cum and pussy juice from him and I came without even touching myself.

After talking about these experiences i have reluctantly agreed to carry on wth her having other men as it keeps our marriage alive and strong.

Would / have you agreed to your wife taking lovers to keep your marriage ?