Written by Brit_couple

27 May 2019

I wrote the first five installments of my wife's sexual journey last year and it's time to update.

It may be a standard sexual fantasy of wanting your wife to fuck a black guy but it was one we were keen to explore.

After our first forays into the lifestyle via dogging and a one off encounter we looked online to find guys we could meet. It was a sometimes frustrating experience with a lot of false starts but we persevered and found a suitable black bull. I messaged him, spoke to him and laid the groundwork for a meet. It was nearly a two hour journey to get to where he lived, a flat in an English market town. Sal was nervous as hell, it wasn't the most salubrious part of town and we were both a little apprehensive when we rang the bell.

We went upstairs after Dave buzzed us in. He was a compact man from the Caribbean originally, muscular and very friendly. Indeed, he seemed a little nervous himself. After a bit of small talk, Sal disappeared into the bedroom and walked back into the lounge wearing a black basque, stockings and boots. He was a little lost for words as she stood there with her huge tits spilling out of her lingerie. 'Hey baby,' he murmured. He stood up and holding her gently but firmly they began to kiss while his hands roamed over her back and ample arse.

I suggested they go into the bedroom and I would follow in a few minutes to give them a bit of time together. They disappeared holding hands as they went through. It was mind blowing and I heard the door close. It was a very long few minutes while I waited then I went through and opened the door.

Dave was naked apart from his white socks, Sal was sitting on the bed, her tits already out of the basque and she was sucking his cock. I had seen pictures of it but they didn't do him justice, he was long and thick, about 9 inches long. Sal was wanking him and licking his cock head while he moaned and held her hair. They both ignored me. I wasn't needed, she was finally getting the big black dick we had discussed so much in our bedroom fantasies.

Dave stood back and took a condom from the bedside drawer. I ran hot and cold, he was nonchalant, this black stud was going to fuck my wife. He rolled it along his length and she lay on the bed with her legs open. He got on the bed and pulled her towards him. Sal is a big curvy girl but he was so strong she later said she felt like a rag doll as he manhandled her into position.

He pushed it in, Sal groaning as she took every inch, when he was firmly in the saddle he began fucking her with long strokes, leaning down to kiss her and suck her tits. The contrast between her white skin and his ebony was such a turn on to watch. She kissed him as if they were old lovers, he broke off to pump her hard saying, 'You like that baby?' Sal's answer was a deep groaning.

He flipped her on her back and began fucking dogging, really hard strokes, his arse going like a jack hammer as he gave it to her good. He said, 'Do you mind if I take this thing off, it's too tight?' She looked at me and mesmerised I nodded. He paused and quickly tugged off the durex, throwing it at my feet. This wasn't intentional (it just landed there) on his part but it added to my sense of being fully cuckolded.

He got her up leaning on the bed and this time entered her bareback. I could hear the squelching as his pre-cum and her juices mingled. His black hands cupped her big heavy breasts as he pounded her for all he was worth. They then moved onto the bed and he turned her sideways while he rammed it in. The sweat glistened on him as he rode her, she had never been fucked like this.

Then out of the blue - as we had not arranged it beforehand - she said 'Just come in me'. His tempo increased and he whispered, 'You want me to cum in you baby?' 'Oh yes, yes, spunk in me.' If it was possible this black stallion pumped even faster and cursing loudly he shot his load, spasming as he unloaded. She laughed with pleasure and groaned as the spunk flooded her. Pulling out he slapped her arse playfully with his giant black dick, grinning at me.

'Whoa, you've got one hot lady here.' He was respectful throughout but totally dominated her. He held her arse cheeks open while I captured the creampie. Then it was my turn, my first sloppy seconds. He tactfully left us alone while I eased my hard little four inch dick into her, all I felt was spunk, her pussy was slack and bright red, I came in a few seconds. She barely registered I was inside her.

We had a cuppa with him. A true gent he was, lovely chap. She had been 'blacked' well and truly but by a great guy. She has a few more since but that's for the next installment...