Written by Johnandanita

23 Nov 2011

i told you how early one morning i got my cock sucked by anna my wifes sister who was stopping with us , well things just got better, the othere night my wife went to bed early i was sat watching tv with anna she had just had a bath and was sat in her dressing gown i was watching a horror film

she said she was scared could she sit on settee with me of course why not lolshe came over and after about 30 mins she said did you like what happened in the bathroom the othere night , i said yes i did with a smile on my face promise you dont tell anita she promised saying only if you play with me as she said that she opened her dressing gown her nipples where so hard and brown i lent over and kissed them fuck i was hard

her hand went to my cock mmmmmmm i want that inside my john please and with that stood up and removed her dressing gown like i said she was plump but god hot shaved pussy hard brown nippes and what a ass

i told her to wait and went upstairs to check anita was asleep ( she was ) when i came back down stairs anna was sat on the settee legs wide open lick me please opening her cunt well i was straight in there mmmm she tasted great after 5 mins of licking her pussy i wanted her i pulled out my cock and slowly pushed it in to her wet pussy god she was tight we fucked for only 10 mins before i was ready to cum i started to pull out but she pulled me back in to her its safe john do it with that i cum right up her cunt when i did pull out she sat there legs open my spunk running out of her pussy it looked great ,

i told her next time i want to fuck her ass all she did was smile and said mmmmmm will there be a next time