Written by timmy

8 Nov 2008

last year i was asked by my sister in law if i would give her away at her wedding,i agreed and said i would be honoured to,my sister in law is 27,a little overweight but i have always got on with her,i said as a wedding present me and her sister would pay for her wedding dress,so a few weeks later off they went shopping and i told them to put on my credit card.when they got back i was shocked that they had spent nearly a £1000,but i had offered so i couldn\'t say anything.

several months later the wedding day had arrived and my sister in laws house was full of bridesmaids,hairdressers etc,it was chaos,then my sister in law came down the stairs in her wedding dress,it was stunning.everyone one ready nand the car had arrived to take the bridesmaids to the church,the driver said he would take about 20 minutes as there is some roadworks,but don\'t worry it was traditional to make the groom wait.

so me and my sister in law were standing in the lounge and she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for the dress,i told her she looked stunning and the dress was beautiful but the shops know how to charge for them.she said that it included all the underwear aswell,but i was quick to point out to her that the only people who saw that was her and her new husband,with that she pulled up her dress to reveal her stockings,suspenders and silk knickers,i was stunned i didn\'t know what to say,i mumbled something along the lines of he\'s going to be a lucky man tonight.

with that i couldn\'t beleive what she did,she pulled her silk knickers aside to reveal her hairy pussy,i dropped to my knees and started licking,she was groaning and getting very wet,my knob was rock hard,i just didn\'t know how far this will go.she told me to stand up,and said the only cock she had seen was her husband to be she had been with him since she was 17,she undid my trousers and pulled out my cock bent down and pulled back my foreskin,but instead of sucking and licking she just wiped my cock all over her face,i said to her the car will be back in a minute we have got to be carefull,she said your going to fuck me before i get married.with that she turned around bent over the sofa i lifted her dress up pulled her panties aside which were wet through with her come and shoved my cock right in,i fucked her hard and fast for about 5 minutes and i could feel myself cumming,i shoved my middle finger up her arse to test her reaction if she would take make cock,she turned round and said not this time i have never had it up my arse i am not ready,but cum inside me please which i did almost immediatly.

i pulled out and my cum was dripping out of her,we quickly got ourselves tidied up and the driver took us to the church.

at the reception after the first slow dance i had a slow dance with her and she whispered in my ear that she felt my cum running down her leg at the alter,and she couldn\'t wait for her new husband to go down her tonight.i was shocked to hear this coming from her having known her 10 years.

when they came back from there honeymoon they came round the house with a present for me thanking me for everything i did on the day,she gave me a liitle wink and a smirk and when we was alone she said we have got to do it again.

we have done it several times since,and i have even shagged her arse which she enjoyed,i will tell you about it soon.