Written by Phil

9 Jan 2018

Thanks for previous comments. To continue:

As happened with Paul, we made contact with Dave and after a number of exchanges we agreed to meet purely socially for a drink. Dave was a quite, well-mannered gentleman and we all got on well. We agreed to meet again and I would nip to Tesco to get a few things to give them time together. It turned out Dave had his own place which Kathy felt more comfortable with as she had been worried about visitors at our home. When I picked her up from the pub Kathy said she thought she would like to meet Dave for fun. It was a couple of weeks before they arranged an evening together and I offered to drop her off. Once again Dave was a clean. well groomed man and he obviously was very health conscious. On the night in question Kathy dressed sexily like she did for Paul but not without a bra - she didn't want to be seen in public like that. At 7.30 I knocked on Dave's door and he had obviously made a big effort with candles, nice red wine and a cosy living room to make Kathy feel at home. After a few words had been exchanged I left them alone, Kathy saying that she would text when ready to be picked up. I spent around two hours of mental torture as I waited for my text to pick hr up, wondering what was happening, hoping Kathy was enjoying herself. The text finally came saying please come for me and yes I have enjoyed it.

We didn't talk much other than for me to say Dave seems a nice guy, and for Kathy to say yes he is. I asked if he was a lot bigger than me and her reply was yes he is and thicker. that was all I got and so I left her to her thoughts. Dave texted me later on to say they had had very naughty fun together and Kathy is a fantastic fuck, and what a lucky guy I am. he said that he fucked her in several different positions and she was amazing. I was proud but also a little bit left with the feeling of being left out. At least I was giving something very special to my lovely wife and that made me feel great.

I was a little surprised when Kathy said that she didn't think she would meet with Dave again. When I asked why she said I don't know, then she added that it did feel weird being dropped off and left, almost like she was being taken to be fucked. I guess she meant she felt almost like she had been pimped out which I could see how she might feel that way, which wasn't how it was really.

It was several weeks before we started to talk again about her playing and after a long conversation we both agreed that being friends with the guy, both of us, was important and then the benefits might follow. During these months Kathy had begun to talk to other men by text and she was getting on well. We met a guy for coffee and they seemed to get on well and they are still in touch. I think they came very close to getting together but he couldn't easily accommodate and I think this held Kathy back. There were two other men that Kathy started texting but they lived a long way off. We discussed weekends away but it never happened. All through this time Nick was constantly in touch with Kathy and he helped her through the range of emotions that come with this lifestyle.

It was around March last year when I made contact with Steve and we discussed what had happened so far. He was a really nice guy to talk to, had his own lovely house, a great personality and also a very big cock ( I haven't seen it in real life but I understand it to be well over 8 inches and very thick). Kathy seemed to like the sound of him and he invited us over for coffee and a chat. That is what we did and Steve took great care to find out what it was that we were both looking for. It was very clear that Steve had Kathy's interests at heart and he wanted the decisions to be completely hers. We left with the intention of talking it through and getting back in touch.

It was clear that Kathy was very interested and it was a week or two later that we arrived at his home with a bottle of wine. We had agreed that I would stay downstairs and that Kathy's signal would be when she said I just need to use the bathroom. Steve would follow her and I would stay and watch the TV.

This is exactly how it turned out to happen. Kathy dressed in her usual sexy black outfit and stockings. Steve told me that whatever happened it would only be a 'sample' to help her get used to the idea. After a couple of glasses Kathy said the words and went upstairs and I went to the kitchen to make a coffee. When I returned Steve was missing having followed her upstairs.

I made the biggest mistake ever at this time. I could hear floorboards creaking, and I turned the TV down to hear but I couldn't. I crept up a few stairs but still nothing. Then all of a sudden I heard loud and fast repeated thuds which was obviously Steve fucking Kathy hard and boy could he last! About an hour later they came down. I had gone to the bathroom at some point which meant passing the bedroom but I couldn't hear anything. My mistake was admitting I had done this which Kathy took to mean I had been eavesdropping the whole time. It was this, I think, that sealed the nail on the coffin which meant I would not be allowed to be with them and watch the action.

We discussed this at length and we agreed that in future we would all have a chat and drinks and a meal, then I would leave and give them time alone.

There is nothing new to explain except to say that we have now met Steve for a meal and for them to fuck on four occasions, and each time I have left them alone then gone back for a chat and a drink after. Kathy has enjoyed each time and she has no regrets about her activities but she has now decided that it isn't really for her in the long term. I am proud of her and she has done things that I never expected, but I do hope she has another change of heart. It is entirely up to her.

Kathy is still in touch with Paul, Steve and Nick, and occasionally others, but as far as I know it is purely on a friendship basis.

I have tried to relate our story accurately but as you can imagine, a lot more happened of which I am unaware. I have no real idea exactly what sex took place, how much she and they enjoyed it, how big they really were, what positions they tried, and I guess I never will. I only know I feel that Kathy has created some memories which will last a lifetime and they have brought us closer together as I have allowed her the freedom to experience what many women are not allowed to have, and neither of us have ever cheated on each other.

Best wishes.