Written by Phil

7 Jan 2018

I would like to share our story and although it doesn't have the ending you might expect it is an honest, factual and accurate account of what lead to my darling wife being with another man, or men. I should say at the outset that our situation now is that my wife Kathy has said she doesn't want to play anymore. Without going into detail one or two sad things have happened recently which have made her want to be a one man woman from now on, although she does say things might change in the future.

To our story. For many years I have fantasised about Kathy taking a lover and when I first brought it up in our love making, purely as a fantasy, Kathy was very much turned on by the scenarios I developed. These would include a whole range of things from fucking our neighbours and friends, to more than one man, to having several all at one time. Each time Kathy would reach orgasm several times by clit stimulation using my hands or my tongue. It never failed to make her cum and she would usually wank my cock as I talked. However, although she enjoyed it she said it was my words and actions that made her cum and she had no intentions of ever doing it for real as she just couldn't see herself with another man.

This aspect of our love life continued in this way for several years, even for four years being on SH as a couple, but Kathy was always adamant she would never do it for real. I became resigned, if slightly disappointed, to the fact she wouldn't fuck another man but at the same time I did not want her to do it for me - only because she wanted to.

After a year on SH I became friends with a guy who lived a long way off in the North so a bit too far for anything to happen, but we hit it off and I told Kathy all about him and what he said. In time she agreed to chat to him and allowed me to give him her phone number. Nick is a horny guy but he is also extremely respectful and was genuinely interested in helping Kathy develop her own fantasies. He is a very well endowed man, particularly compared to me, and I think this held some intrigue for Kathy.

Kathy and I met when we were in our teens and neither of us have ever had another person sexually, and neither had we ever cheated over a 32 year marriage - something we are very proud of. I found it very erotic knowing that Kathy was texting Nick on a reasonably regular basis although little happened in the way of change. Nick kept me up to date on how they were getting on and I began to trust his judgement as he is clearly vastly more experienced than I am.

After about six months something happened that sent my mind into a spin. On the way back from a trip out Kathy suddenly said I have decided I'd like to try it for real just to see. I almost crashed the car! I tried to play it cool as I had been given some great advice from a lady on SH who said to leave her to develop it in her own mind - she will decide whether she does it or not so leave her to it ( brilliant advice by the way).

This was possibly our horniest period for some years in the run up to her projected meet with Nick. An overnight was planned for the long trip North and the days literally dragged by. When the time finally kept life took its normal course and our plans were scuppered so it didn't happen. I thought that would be it but Kathy and Nick kept in touch and things seemed to stay 'alive'. I asked Kathy one day what her thoughts were. She said I still want to try it but maybe it wont be Nick. Another guy of SH who I knew and had told Kathy about is much more local and I suggested meeting him for coffee and see how it went. She agreed as long as I was there and it was just social to which I said of course and I duly arranged with Paul to meet up the following week. Paul was very excited at the prospect but I reminded him that it was just coffee and chat. The following week we did meet and had a nice hour in a pub getting to know each other and Paul was a gentleman. I did keep making excuses to nip out to give them time to chat alone but not for long periods. Kathy told me after that every time I left Paul was a little more direct and made sexual comments which she admitted she didn't mind him saying. We met again a week later but this time it was agreed I would not be with them to give them time to talk. Kathy wanted me around for safety until she knew him well enough which is a sensible approach to take. I sat in the shop next door having a coffee while they chatted. I noticed Kathy was wearing a top which showed off her big tits (38dd) particularly when she leaned forward, which I was surprised at but could have been to do with the commented Paul made previously about her having gorgeous breasts. Once again it was just social although Paul did squeeze a kiss out of her when we were leaving.

I left Kathy with time to think and we did have lovely sex that night and I once again talked about her having sex with another man, but this time it was Pete in mind. That said, Nick was never far from the conversation about other men and still is to this day.

I asked her a day or two later if she wanted to meet Paul again for coffee. She said no I think he's the one! My wife of 33 years was telling me that she was going to meet Paul to fuck. Gob smacked at the reality I was in some turmoil and its true what they say the your emotions flip upside down and back to front. Once the idea had settled I began to get very excited about the fact I might see Kathy fucking another man, but as advised by the lade on SH - let her do the deciding and arranging.

The bombshell came a day or two later when Kathy told me that she wanted to do it but she didn't feel she could with me watching and wanted to meet alone with Paul. I was disappointed but tried not to show it as I truly didn't want her to miss out on this opportunity just because I wasn't prepared to give her the freedom. I love my wife enough to know that its more important that she has the pleasure that freedom offers than it is to satisfy my desire to watch.

Kathy and Paul were texting fairly regularly now and a week later she told me that Paul was coming up to our house on Thursday morning and she was taking a day off work. I would be at work but she said she would text me when he arrived and also when he left to say she was ok.

Thursday morning came and I had to get ready for work, but not before I had cuddled Kathy to reassure her I loved her and always would. As I left she gave me a kiss , already stood in her black bra and knickers with Paul's requested fishnet tights on the bed. When she saw me look she said Paul has asked that I wear fishnets and heels, then she smiled sexily.

I left for work with butterflies in my stomach and the next few hours really dragged, wondering what was happening. I got a text at 9.03 saying 'he's here xx'.

Then nothing for about two hours. All sorts of things go through your mind at this stage- fear, jealousy, excitement, etc. I finally got a text saying,' he's gone xx'. I had to ring her to ask if all was ok. She said, "yes it was very nice and I had a nice time, now I'm off to the shops."

Well that seemed to be that until I got a text from Paul saying how it had gone. I knew Kathy wouldn't be able to tell me so I was pleased Paul understood that I would need to hear something. This is what he said, as near as I can remember, " Wow, what a sexy, sexy lady. She sucks cocks superbly - she was like a bloody Dyson. She has a lovely body and her tits are to die for. You are a lucky guy and I am really pleased to have been the first other cock she's had. She was so horny once she relaxed a bit. In fact I think she is a bit on the submissive side tbh. She's a good girl mate."

To be continued if anyone enjoys the story.