Written by Phil

8 Jan 2018

Many thanks for reading part 1 and also for your kind words about the story. To continue:

Later that day I arrived home from work and Kathy gave me a big hug when I got in. She told me that she didn't want to say too much about it but she had enjoyed the experience and Paul had been very considerate. I asked her if she was really ok and she said yes and no regrets. I felt much better hearing that as it is one of the things a husband worries about. I had also been a bit unsure about Paul coming to our house when I wasn't there. I asked if she would be meeting him again and she said probably. It wasn't one of those 'light bulb' moments for her where a woman goes from a lady to a slut in five minutes - do they ever do that really? We agreed not to talk about it to give her time to come to terms with the fact she had fucked another man for the first time ever. It was in fact another month before they met again. During this time Kathy continued to talk to Paul and to Nick, who encouraged her to let go and enjoy the new found Kathy. Kathy obviously liked Nick and she clearly felt that she wanted to follow his advice.

Paul had been making some requests to Kathy about what to wear next time. We went shopping one Saturday and Kathy took me into a store and said, "Paul wants me to wear a see through top next time, along with fishnet stockings, suspenders and high heels and no bra. He wants me to answer the door like that. I need to buy a see through top." She left me with my jaw on the floor and disappeared into the ladies blouse department. When I caught her up she had picked a dark blue stringy top and asked me if it would do as they had no black ones. The thought of her in that top with no bra ( she has 38dd tits) gave me a hard on right there in the shop. I said yes of course it would.

Two days later and we were both stood in our hallway with my lovely wife in black heels, fishnet tights, black shortish skirt, suspenders, black knickers and her new top. She was obviously aroused and there was no hiding her erect nipples peeking through the holes in the top. It was then that she dropped a bit of a bombshell! She said however hard she tried to imagine it she just didn't think she could do it if I was in the room and would I mind waiting downstairs. I tried to hide my disappointment and said it was fine as long as she enjoyed herself. To this day I haven't seen her fucked or even kissed properly as it became the norm that I wasn't there for the same reason that she couldn't let go if I was present.

Before long there was a knock at the door. Kathy asked me if I would go to the kitchen and keep out of the way until they came downstairs. I kissed her and whispered enjoy yourselves, then I left and made myself a coffee. Kathy went to the door to meet Paul, her naked tits on show for him and I really hoped that the neighbours weren't passing the door at the time. In fact they weren't so it was all ok.

For the next hour or so I was as quiet as a mouse, straining to hear anything but apart from the odd creak of a floorboard it was fairly quiet, until at one point I heard the definite repeated thud which I took to be Paul fucking Kathy hard and shaking the bed. It stopped for a few minutes then started again with obviously more forceful thrusts.

After another twenty minutes they both came down and we all had a relatively normal chat and then Paul left. He did text me later to say what an amazing fuck Kathy is and she was definitely submissive. She took his cock out straight away when they met and she sucked him hard and played with his balls. He told me again that she is an amazing cock sucker, which was a bit of a surprise because she had never sucked my cock very often and when she did it wasn't for long. He even asked her to lie back and play with herself for him which she did without question., and after she had brought herself to orgasm he fucked her for a while. He admitted to me that he had wanted to bareback her and hoped that I didn't mind but at one point her withdrew and took off his condom. He told her he was going to fuck her bare and he said she said ok. I was a bit surprised at this as Kathy had expressed some concern about catching anything, although she could not get pregnant now. Paul assured me he was completely clean and wouldn't want to bareback Kathy if he wasn't convinced she was also.

Paul had been upstairs banging my wife's gorgeous pussy with his cock bare and has then exploded into her filling her with his cum. Kathy admitted this later and said that she had indeed enjoyed it much more without a condom.

Paul said that she did everything her asked of her without a moment's hesitation. He said, " Phil you have potentially got a real cock loving slut on your hands. She is going to want more than just me."

I told Paul ok, but I found it very hard to believe. When I asked Kathy if she was going to see Paul again she said yes probably, but although he is thicker than you are he is only an inch or so longer. I asked if she meant she wanted a bigger cock. She said well Nick has sent me several pictures of himself and he is almost ten inches. That would be too big perhaps but yes maybe a bigger one would be interesting.

That was the start of our journey to Kathy's next man, whose name was Dave and we found him on a different site. It turned out that Dave was around 7.5 inches long and very thick so it intrigued Kathy how different it would be.

I do hope that what I have related so far will give hope to other men whose wives are presently saying no way will I ever do it for real. I really did not expect this to happen, and as mention it looks like, for the time being at least, Kathy is no longer playing.

I will tell the story of Dave, and Kathy's final series of meetings in the next and final part of her journey.