Written by ken

30 Dec 2007

like most guys ive always fantasised about my wife having sex with a stranger, and over the last 12 months we have been talking about taking it further during our lovemaking, but thats as far as it has ever gone .babs works in a large office and from the start of december they have had a few nights out , usually with her getting home about 3am , I was always very excited when she got into bed beside me and we always had sex as she would tell me about some of the guys she had danced with but thats as far as it ever went, and I know she wouldnt lie to me she is just too honest for her own good, she went out on the last friday before christmass with two of her friends from work and I drove them into town, as I dropped them off she gave me a lovelly slow kiss and I drove off with a massive hard on, I drove home and sat watching tv but couldnt stop thinking about what she might get up to,anyway I went to bed about midnight and lay awake untill 1am fantasising and then dropped off to sleep , I woke up at 3-15am by the sound of her key going in the door and then the inside door opening my heart skipped a beat she had someone with her , they went straight into the lounge she went into the kitchen and made coffee and then joined her friend in the lounge ,I lay there listening and then it went quiet , I sneaked out of bed and down the stairs skipping over the ones that creaked , the lounge has glass panels and I could just make out the guy sitting on the settee but I couldnt see my wife so I went through the kitchen and out onto the patio, we have french doors and thank god I didnt draw the blinds fully before I went to bed they were drawn but had a six in gap in the centre , I edged my way forward my heart was pounding ive never felt such excitment I had to be very carefull not to spoil it so I waited and listened and then I heard the telltale sign a little moan from my wife , I edged forward and at last focused through the gap in the blinds the guy was kissing my wife and he had his hand inside her top ,her skirt had ridden up and her stayups were on show and a bit of thigh , then I had to jump back behind the shed as next doors security light came on I was trapped between the shed and the back of the house I knew the security light would go off but untill it did I had to stayput incase my neighbour came out ,eventually it went off so I edged back to the window as I got closer I could hear my wife moaning they were now both naked and the guy was on his knees licking her off , I know she loves this and he was doing a really good job , I knew by the way she was holding his head with both hands that she was about to cum and sure enough she came wetting all the guys face he then stood up and I was rewarded with the site of a guy in his early thirties now standing in front of my wife with this huge thick cock sticking out in front of him, my wife took him in her mouth and was taking most of it down her throat he had both his hands on her shoulders , then he pulled her forward and lay her on the floor and this part did surprise me cos he just slipped it straight into her pussy and started banging away I could clearly hear her moans through the doors, I could see him going faster and I knew he was going to shoot anytime , I thought she will tell him to pullout but no he just kept banging away she had her legs up and was cumming over and over it was just too much for me and without realising it I was wanking my very stiff cock and as he shot deep into her pussy I just shot too , my sponk shot out and splattered onto the window making a splashing sound I jumped back incase he looked up , I stood there for a while and it went quiet I started to make my way back into the kitchen, I listened before I could make my way into the hall and back upstairs, I could hear them taking then just as I was about to go into the hall the lounge door opened and I heard my wife say first on the right , I knew he was going to the toilet, I had to dodge back outside incase he came down and went into the kitchen I went and stood behind the shed again and waited a good 10 minutes after he came down before I made my move again this time I went staright into the hall and back into the warmth of our bedroom and back into bed, I lay there listening , my cock was rockhard agian I just couldnt believe what was happening after about 15 minutes I heard the telltale noises comming from the lounge I wasnt going to risk going down again so I just lay there stroking my cock and listening to my wife getting shagged again , this went on for another 45 minutes and then after a while I heard my wife phoning a taxi and off he went , when my wife eventually came to bed I pretended to be asleep as I wasnt capable of fucking her as Id already shot my load twice and thats about my limit but I woke about 8am with a big hardon and my wife was fastasleep with her naked bum facing me , I just slipped it straight in and was greeted with the guys sponk oozing out I only lasted a few minutes before I added my load to his two I then got up and made us coffee and told my wife how much I loved her , she hasnt told me yet but I know she,s only waiting for the right moment and its awsome what it does for your sexlife , best wishes ken & barbara.