Written by Michael S.

25 Oct 2017

Hello again. Concluding part in York.

We were on a sight seeing holiday of York, but the only thing we seen is our new friend being masturbated by Sue his wife. And Jayney, my wife and me having wild sex. We decided to have dinner in the French restaurant in the hotel we were staying. Whilst getting ready that evening we openly talked about what Dave had done in the afternoon. By 8.00pm we had sobered up and started to act like the boring couple we are normally. Jayney was horrified with me. You should of made me leave the room ,Jayney said. But strangely I guessed she was curious about Dave`s actions. She dressed very sexily for dinner. I had bought her a black leather mini dress for her birthday a few days earlier. It was so short I guessed she would only wear it in our bedroom. Not only did she have the mini on she also wore a see through blouse,clearly showing off her breasts. She was like a different woman, she looked great, but completely out of character.

Walking to the restaurant we met Dave and Sue in the bar. We were very embarrassed but they acted as if nothing had happened that afternoon. It was Jayney who suggested we all had dinner together. They gladly accepted.

During an excellent dinner we talked about every thing .Sex did crop up at all. But I did notice was Jayney having touching conversations with Dave. Once I saw them holding hands whilst they were talking to each other. With food came too many drinks. In fact we topped up with wine and gin. At about 10.30 it just seemed normal that we should have more drinks but in Dave`s room.

In the bedroom there was feeling that something naughty was going to happen. I took the lead and suggested that my wife would like to go to bed with Dave. Jayney was furious with me, I thought she was going to leave the room, but Dave said that would be nice but only if Sue agreed. Its alright with me,,is that okay with you Jayney? Jayney blushed and whispered I guess so. Dave suggested on the bed, so I started to undress my wife. The black mini was off first, the see through blouse. Just leaving her with her small black knickers and black shoes. Dave insisted she kept them on. I then took her hand and lead her to the bed. Dave the stood up and undressed. Wow he had a great body for a 60 year old man. His cock hung slightly downwards, it looks much bigger than mine and was only half hard . Jayney was very shy looking at the hunk of a man in front of her. Sue and my self sat back to leave to two lovers to them selves. Dave went on hid knees and started to kiss my wife`s inner legs. Soon he was parting her knickers to reveal her already moist pussy. He was so tender and started to tongue her pussy. Jayney just laid there, slightly twitching every time his tongue touched her clitoris. I was sitting right behind them and could see my wife enjoying her oral sex with Dave. Dave then sat up and poisoned his by now erect cock to her lips. Jayney is not too good at giving a blow job, but with Dave she changed and started licking his cock end. Whilst I was watching I had an enormous hard on and had trouble not coming in my pants. With Dave`s cock now lubricated and Jayney`s pussy wet though Dave poisoned his cock next to Jayney`s pussy lips. Dave very slowly pushed in her, and took about 5 mins before he got all his 8 inches in. Jayney was breathing very fast because this was the biggest cock she has ever had. I was amazed she got in her pussy. Now Dave slowly started to pump her, then a little faster until he was fucking her quite quickly. Dave and Jayney started to get noisy grunts and groans at first and then I heard my lovely wife started to swear...Fuck,fuck fuck is all she could say. Dave responded with do you like my cock in your cunt bitch. Jayney never replied to this but kept repeating the fuck word. Both of them were sweating loads, both looked red in the face, but they never stopped fucking. At one point I thought one of them was going to have a heart attack. Very soon I could see that Dave was getting closer to coming. Then Dave let out an enormous yell and spirted sperm deep into my wife pussy. He kept on coming, I guess another four or so thrusts into her. Also I have never seen my wife have so many orgasms in one fuck. Dave made me feel a little bit inferior. But I was happy my wife enjoyed it.

When Dave pulled out of her pussy I could not believe how big my wife`s pussy was. There was a huge pool of sperm and pussy juice on the bed. They were totally exhausted in bed together. Picture this my wife laid there naked with her gaping pussy overflowing with sperm and Dave laid next to her with his half hard cock positioned on his thigh.

There was 5 minutes of silence, we all tried to take in what had just happened. Sue spoke to Dave and suggested that he took Jayney to the shower. Dave, with his strong arms picked Jayney up and took her to the bathroom. Soon I heard the water in the shower and looked in to see both of them ,naked of course trying to have sex? There was not enough room. Jayney was pressed against the shower window I could see her face breasts and pussy in full view with Dave behind her trying to fuck her doggy.

When they came out of the shower they had towels around them selves. They sat on the bed and tried to talk about what had happened that day. I jokingly said that you two have been fucking for your country. We all laughed . And again my shy wife surprised me again and let her towel slip to the floor and lent over Dave ,removed his towel and put her lips on his limp cock. She took a while to get him hard,then jumped up and said to all of us...Sue this hard cock is yours now, and this pussy is for you hubby...We left and returned to our bedroom...and fucked to the early hours of the night... What a wife I have...