Written by Fatbottomedgirl

14 May 2007

Hi, I have posted once before, and that was a true story, but I do have a load of fantasies that I would love to come true ............ if only I had an understanding hubby!

My `friend` with whom I had some outdoor fun helped me to become more sexually aware.

We`ve known each other for about5 years or so, and he`s is 15 years older than myself.

He knows all the right buttons to press, if you get my meaning!

While he was fingering my aching pussy when we met a couple of weeks ago, he started whispering in my ear about being fucked by two men at the same time, this always, makes me wet, but what would be good was if my hubby was made to watch his sexy wife (my friends words not mine!) being fucked by two well-endowed men. Hell yes! If only!

My friend also knows that Im a little on the bi-curious side, and knows that I would love to have a `play-mate` as I can get quite frustrated at times and masterbation is soooo frustrating! I love licking at a shaven pussy and would dearly love to have a female play-mate to help me explore more.

I have so many fantasies and no-one to help me make them come true.

I just wish that my hubby wasnt such a bloody prude!

Im hoping to have some more outdoor fun soon, I am so desperate to feel my friends cock in me once again and also miss having him eat my sopping wet cunt and tongueing my arse.

Let this day be soon as Im gettting rteally wet just thinking about it, and there`s no-one here to play with!