Written by Wishing

24 Aug 2012

Well the day has come when I hope my wife finally gives in to my wish for her to get fucked by another man. I finished work early to get home to get her ready for tonight. I started by running her a bath full of bubbles and put candles all around, brought her a glass of wine and told her to relax and fanatasise about what she would be doing later this evening.

After a while she got out of the bath and I laid her on a towel and started to shave her pussy occasionaly brushing against her lips. She kept letting out a little wimper but told me not to go any further as she wanted to save herself for later. I then gave her a massage rubbing cream all over her body - I was rock hard and dribbling precum like I never have before.

She then told me to leave her for a while whilst she put her makeup on and I'm sure I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone. I was then called upstairs to dress her. First of all I slipped holdups onto her slim gleaming legs, then put her new pushup bra on. I was then going to put her nickers on but she said no I won't be needing those tonight. Wow I thought I always like her to go out with no nickers on but usually says no. I then got her to slip into her new dress that I must admit left very little to the imagination as it had a big cross over at the front that showed all her bra and cleavage off. She then stepped into her new fuck me heels and she was ready. She looked absolutely amazing and I could have fucked her there myself.

We then got in the car and ten minutes later we were outside the restaurant where she was meeting the girls. Before getting out she gave me a long sexy kiss then asked if I was still sure I wanted her to do this. Nervously I said yes - and asked her if she was still ok - she said just feel my pussy that will tell you. She was absolutely soaking down there far wetter than she has been with me for years.

With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek and just said keep the phone handy I will be ringing later to let you know what is happening. Then off she went into the restaurant leaving me to drive home and type this sat here naked with a big hard on waiting, anticipating what she will say when she rings.

I will let you know what happens later...