Written by Steve_kent

9 Dec 2008

This is my fourth post on here. The first two were the telling and a retelling of our first MMF with our best man. MMF my wife and my best man.

The third was about how we repeated that experience. Similar title but "again" added.

We have since had two more goes, one at home and the last on a night out in London when Charles stayed in our hotel with us. They have all been great but on our night out my best man said he would have preferred to get Emma to himself. Emma was non-committal but that night Jon went up to our room and Emma followed five minutes later after groping my erection through my trousers and giving me the most incredible passionate kiss.

I tried to wait before going up and it was probably ten minutes before I could not stand it any more. The excitement was just too much to stand.

If people want to hear about those last two mmf's then please add a comment if you are interested.

Anyway, my best man was unwell for some time after this and my wife, not wanting a stranger, did not discuss this again.

When my best man got better and the subject was raised again (by me) he was keen. I mentioned this to Emma and despite it being some time since the last MMF she seemed keen.

But with a twist. She admitted that Charles was different when I wasnt there. He was less restrained, a bit more passionate. She said she would have liked the opportunity to fuck him without me being there.

I was a bit surprised but incredibly turned on. We had an incredible fuck.

The next morning I text Charles and suggested that he phone Emma. Which he did. As Charles works from home he was keen on a daytime meet, which Emma is not. I thought it would not happen but on my way home Emma has text me to say Charles was coming round Friday, when the kids are away.

She showed me their texts. Fucking hell it was hot and we fucked like rabbits last night. She was so wet. So incredibly wet.

She is nervous about Friday and wants me there to open the door to Charles when he arrives. I'm to see him in, show him upstairs and then go the gym. I'm as stiff as a board writing this and I cannot decide whether to set up the baby monitor or just wait until I come home.

She has promised to tell me every detail and expects me to fuck her whilst his cum dribbles from her.

I cannot wait for it!