Written by Jenna

9 Nov 2007

My name is Jenna and want to tell you all how my relationship with my husband has changed.

I am 32, dark shoulder length straight hair, size 14, 36c boobs and a nice curvy figure.

It all started when my husband confessed during sex that he would love to watch me get screwed. I probed his fantasy further and discovered that he wanted to be tied down and forced to watch me get fucked by a couple of guys and then be made to lick me clean after !

So, after a while i decided to do something about it and told him that i had a plan. When we were fucking that night i told him what i wanted to do. We would go to a swinging club and meet some guys who would fuck me, but i would be in control all night and he had to do whatever i said...he agreed. I told him that his fantasy would come true but he would also have to fulfill mine.

He was to become my sex slave and he was going to suck cock in front of me and was going to be fucked up his arse and then watch me fuck whoever i liked all night.

We went to a club in Rochdale on a bi night and after talking to some guys, put the plan into action. I made him sit in the lounge while i flirted with 3 guys and told them what i wanted and they were bang up for it.

They took me into a room and stripped me, and then one of them went and got Alan and told him to sit on the edge of the bed and watch. All three guys had rock hard cocks and they played with my boobs and fingered me while he watched and then i sucked and wanked them all and then told him to kneel down.

I told him to suck all three cocks while i watched and he did. He sucked and wanked them all and then one by one they came back to me and screwed me before i told them all to come on my tits and then I told Alan to lick my tits clean and he came to me and licked up all their spunk !!

It was sooo horny but i told him i wouldn't let him fuck me until he had been fucked himself. We went back into the pool area and met a bi couple and i told them what we had done and what we wanted to do next and they said that they would help us. So off we went into the room again.

Suzanne, came over to me and she started to kiss and touch me, my first time with another girl, it was heaven...she licked and fingered me to the point of orgasm and let me calm down before starting again until i was at bursting point.

She then went over to Alan and sucked his hard cock for a minute and then made him bend over the end of the bed and then she and i held him down and she said to her husband Gary...FUCK HIS ARSE !!

I watched as Gary pushed a finger full of lube up Alan's arse before slowly forcing his dick in. Alan begged me to stop but i just told him to shut the fuck up and take it and then Gary pushed into him and fucked him. Alan writhed and grunted but we held him firm and Gary fucked his bum until he came up him and then pulled out.

Alan was then turned on his back and i sat on his cock and suzanne sat on his face and we both fucked him til he shot his come up me, he came in about 10 seconds he was so turned on ! We all collapsed in a heap and after recovering had a drink and went home.

When we went to bed, we fucked all night and i asked Alan if he'd enjoyed as much as i had and he said he loved it, and said that i should be in charge of sex forever and that he should have to do what i say at all times, so that is the way it is now and i am already planning another trip out and it will definately include Alan sucking cock and being fucked...i have never seen anything so horny as two guys having sex...if you get the chance with your partners girls, go for it.