Written by Jane

27 Sep 2009

Hi all to carry on .I had just put my young 19 year old gardener back in his place after him treating me like a whore.

I led mike back in to the front room and told him to strip he slowley took off his clothes and stood in front of me with his lovely cock rearing up at me.I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and started to run my tongue up and down it he groaned and took me by the head and started to fuck my mouth as he did the first time hard and fast trying to fit his whole cock in my mouth I tried to pull away but he told me to hold still and knew this is what I wanted and as far as sex was concerned he was in charge .

He pushed me on to my back and said now mrs jane beg me to fuck you like the whore you are .I looked up at him and could not believe I was letting him take control again even as I heard my mouth say fuck me I want you to fuck me .He smiled and opened my legs apart and slowly started to put his cock in me ,Tell me you like it mrs jane he grinned at me Oh god yes just fuck me I replied .

He slowly started to fuck me on the floor for about five minute then told me to get on my hands and knees I rolled over and he pushed his cock in now he laughed it is my turn to hear you bark I looked over my shoulder at him .he told me he had followed me in to the hall and had listerned as Andy had me barking like a dog .Now bitch he said smacking my arse Bark .

I barked and he laughed ,this is great keep it up he said he must of fucked me for around 30 minutes and every time I stopped he smacked me, after he came he sat on my chair and told me to clean him up I crawled over and took his cock in my mouth and stated to lick our combined juices off him he lay there like the cat who got the cream.

So Mrs Jane he said where does this leave us now . I looked at him and said I love you fucking me but my hubby will always come first so if you are happy on my terms I will be your slut when I say it is ok .He smiled and told me to lay on my back as its time to be the slut I laughed and laid back.