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Window of opportunity

"Caught in action 😜"

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I want to share a story about a horny naughty time my lion and I had on my Birthday earlier this year. Every time I think about that experience, my pussy twitches and gets wet remembering how pleasurable it was. How exciting and totally circumstantial!

On the evening of my Birthday we went out for an exquisite meal at a top restaurant in Lisbon. From its rooftop location the view was spectacular and explained elivated prices on the menu. Food was amazing, company even better. In social setting, away from work, I quickly switch to my natural state of fine balance between relaxed and horny, full of smiles and flirty energy. I enjoy being a little naughty and occasionally flash my breasts in public. Quite often I go to the lady's bathroom and make a sexy video either teasing or playing withyself and then share it with my lion. I love the feeling of being turned on, so that when we get to play at the end of the evening, I feel desperate to have my pussy filled with his cock and cum.

My lion and I had quite a few cocktails that night, and felt our sexual tension rising with every passing minute. In the lift on the way down from the rooftop, my lion pulled my dress up and smacked my bum, then stroked my naked wet pussy. In the lobby of the restaurant just before we stepped outside onto the street, I pulled the top of my pink dress down and exposed my nipples. I wanted a picture.))

The street was buzzing. It was close to midnight, but the city was alive. It was warm, and people looked tipsy and happy. As we walked up the street, we saw a big wide open window on the opposite side of a super busy road. The window was more like french doors taking up nearly the whole side of the appartment on the first floor. Underneath it was a shop and a bus stop right in front of it. In our view it looked like the window was sitting just above the bus stop. The room in the window was fully lit, and we could see everything inside it. There was a big bed and two young girls dressed very nicely in short skirts and cropped tops holding, what looked like, prosecco glasses. A bottle of processo was standing by the bed. The girls were people watching and posing for the crowds on the street at the same time. They obviously saw every passer-by looking up and seeing them in their full glory. So they kept their poses very sexy and provocative enjoying the effect they had on strangers. It was quite a turn on, I must say. My mind rushed to all sorts of ideas of what I would do, if I were sitting on that bed. I would definitely lose one or two items of closing or would kiss a girl next to me.

So feeling hot after this unexpected 'window of opportunity', we kept on walking and ended up on a very lively street with small bars and people standing outside, chatting,  drinking and enjoying the night. I decided to capture this on a video as a memory and started filming the crowds, while my lion was ordering us drinks. There was a group of fit lads, I would say in their 30th. I only briefly caught them on camera, but they obviously wanted a bit more attention from me, so they started whistling and waving to me. I pointed the phone at them showing them I got the message. They started posing and flirting with me. We all laughed and it added a bit more spice to my already running wild imagination. When my lion brought me a drink, I told him what had happened. We both agreed, that the thought of these guys taking it further than just flirting is a hot one. That thought later that night played a big part in our naughty experience.

We let each other express and play with our fantasies freely. We often fantasise about various scenarios, and some of them where I am shared and then claimed back. My lion is a dominant type and wouldn't want to just watch. He would want to be in control of the situation, to lead it and to turn my most horny fantasies into something special for both of us. This makes me feel safe and secure to let my wild side out.

When we got back to the apartment, we were so horny! I have to set the scene, because it's very important for what's to come next in my story. The entrance door to the apartment was at a ground level, but then there were a couple of steps going down to the bedroom, which made a bedroom window open to a lower than usual position onto the street. Basically, when I looked out of the window, I was seeing belts and handbags, rather than scarfs and earrings, if that makes sense.)) There was also a very thoughtfully placed sturdy chair underneath that window, almost inviting to sit down and watch people's groin areas.)) The street was cobbled and sat in the old part of town, only a few streets away from all the buzz, but quiet enough not to see or hear footsteps every few minutes. Especially at night.

As I mentioned earlier, my lion and I were in the mood for naughty fun. So I suggested, first, I make a quick video of myself in the new red silk teddy for the lovely members of SH (you can find it in one of our albums), and then we can play! I love showing myself a bit, so very quickly I got to the point where all I wanted was to be fucked hard. My lion suggested we open the window and put on a dim light, so he can fuck me in front of the window in the full view. He knows me so well, and knows how to tap into my exhibitionist kink. I stood with my knees on the leather covered chair seat and pushed my face out onto the street. My lion started fucking me from behind, and as he was doing that, I was getting louder and louder. At first, I tried to control myself as the street was so quiet, and it was past 1am in the morning... But when I got lost in the pleasure of it all, I couldn't control the sounds I was making or even notice what was happening around me. We were in the midst of it, my lion slamming his cock balls deep in me with my pussy juices running down my thighs, when we spotted an old lady on the street walking a dog coming towards us. What the fuck?! Dog walking at this time!! The only thing people should do at night is dogging, not walking the dog! ))

Anyway, we decided to pull back in and moved onto the bed. But the near-mis of being caught by someone had its effect on me. I was ready to explode!! As soon as I jumped on my lion's hard cock again and started ridding and grinding, I immediately started squirting. Well, actually, I was just cumming at first and I was cumming so hard, that I stopped moving, and then whilest being still, I started squirting. That sensation, when it caught up with me after the intense orgasm, had a new edge to it. I still had my red teddy on with its crotch pushed to one side. I could see how the fabric was turning deeper red from wetness. The soaking wet patch was climbing up towards my bellybutton. The horny fantasies from the evening we'd had came to mind - how we could be watched right now through the window just like those girls, how the lads on the street would want to stick their cocks inside me, if they had the chance...

I jumped off the bed and went back to the window. By then the lady was gone. I stood with my knees on the chair seat again and leaned forward pushing myself outside so that my nipples were rubbing the windowsill and my face and shoulders were fully exposed. My lion started fucking my super wet dribling pussy and we were both wishing that a good lad would happen to walk this street this exact moment and would want to get his cock out and feed it to me for a spit-roast. That thought combined with the possibility of it actually happening was doing something unreal to me. I kept cumming and squirting non-stop! The chair got wet, and I was trembling like a leaf in the wind convulsing in waves of orgasms again and again. Absolutely sureal!

I was completely gone in a world of 'pussy-magic', when I decided to move my head and when lifting my face up, I saw an older gentleman with a walking stick walking literally past my face. So close that I could have grabbed his legs.)) I did not see him approaching us at all. Although, my lion later said to me, that he saw him coming our way long before me, and decided to keep fucking me through, what looked like to him, a mind-blowing pleasure. Later in bed we both laughed about the situation, suspecting that it was that old lady's husband. She must have sent him out for a walk to watch us and get hard, so he could give her some of what I had back at home.)) We have no other explanation as to why otherwise he would be walking that street at silly o'clock in the morning.

What a night! What a Birthday celebration! What a memory to have!  Comments would be appreciated. :)

Written by Lion_kitten

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