Written by funboy1966

6 Jan 2010

A true heartwarming story for all good neighbours ...

The recent snow and ice caused chaos in my village with cars stranded, roads cut off etc. I called on a few of the neighbours to make sure they were okay. One lady, Ann, lives only fifteen minutes from me but I hadn't met her before

It turned out she needed help clearing her driveway, which I was happy to do. Even in about five layers of coats, scarves etc, Ann looked like she had a great body. She was in her fifties, I guess, but had a cheeky smile that attracted me. The first time I helped she was very grateful but I had to be on my way so nothing happened. I went back a couple of days later and found her house was pretty much snowed in

I offered to get some of the snow off the paths and drive, and got to work. it took about an hour and when she invited me inside to warm up, I wasn't going to say no!

We chatted over coffee and it turned out she hadn't had a man for months. A couple of whiskies later and she was flirting with me. She was wearing a black blouse with a couple of buttons open, giving me a good view of her tits, and trousers that showed off a lovely arse. We started to kiss and her hand was soon stroking my cock through my jeans

"I need a good fucking" she said and I unbuttoned her blouse, pushing her lacy bra down to get hold of those tits.

She stood up and took off first her trousers, then mine. She grabbed hold of my stiff cock and started wanking it. Then we got comfortable on the settee and I encouraged her to run her tongue up and down my dick. She was soon sucking it for all she was worth while, while I slipped a finger into her cunt

"You're soaking" I said

"Fuck me then" replied Ann.

I have to admit, it didn't last long ... a five-minute shag and soon I was coming over her tits as she screamed out. "That was bloody lovely" she said.

Now I'm following the weather forecast and waiting for the next snowstorm!