Written by The 49ers

25 Aug 2019

I love reading stories on this webiste and here is my 100% true but tame story. My gorgeous wife and I who are the same age met in our early twenties and married 5 years later. We have talked about swinging for over 20 years now but todate have not taken up the courage to start with the fear of being found out by people we might know etc. as we live in a small town in Ireland. Now we are both in our late 40s and keep ourselves in shape training three times a week in various sports. The kids are grown up but this year we went on holidays to Spain with 2 other families and while we were there I discovered that there was a nudist beach near our apartments. I asked my wife would she be interested in visiting the beach and to my surprise she said yes. We decided to head off the next morning and told the others that we were heading off for a long walk. It took about 20 mins to find the beach and we were both nervous as we went down the steps and onto the beach. It was a great place to visit with its own bar and toilets etc and everyone has to go naked or your are asked to leave. We found a space on the beach and placed our towels down and were amazed and excited looking at all the different shaped naked bodies all over the beach and at the bar. There were gay, lesbian and hetrosexual couples of all ages and some young families and it was a great mix. I have to say we both felt very liberated and after awhile it all felt so normal to be sitting there naked. My wife had shaven her pussy that morning and her lips were swollen with both the excitement and the heat from the sun. We applied suncream to parts of our body that were never exposed to the sun before and my wife looked great with her perfect breasts, flat stomach and toned ass. As we sat there taking in the views , a very good looking couple lay in front of us and we think they may have been from Holland. Both had long blonde hair and he was well hung and in great shape while her body was perfect from head to toe. I was starting to get excited looking at her and day dreaming about a swinging senario so I went to the bar to take my mind of the views and prevent me from getting erection. When I arrived back from the bar with the drinks my wife was still sitting in the same position but the sexy couple had rolled over on to their stomachs and were looking in the direction of my wife. I handed the cool drink to my wife and she told me she was thinking about a swinging session with the two lying in front of her. She also said she was pulsing her pussy and nearly bringing herself to orgasm while I was away. I told her she had an audience and she was unaware that they were looking at her. We had been on the beach 2 hours so we had to get back to our apartment before the other's started to miss us. When we got back I went to the pool while my wife went up to the apartment to get some lunch. That night when we were in bed my wife told me that when we got back from the beach she stripped off naked again and lay on a chair in the balcony and started to rub her pussy and massage her breasts. While she was bringing herself to orgasm a man was having a smoke on the balcony across from our apartment and was looking at her but she kept on going till she came. I was that excited with the story she just told me that we fucked and I came within two minutes. Since we came home from holidays my fantasy of watching my wife getting fucked by another couple plays in my mind most days and she thinks about having her pussy and mouth fucked by two cocks at the same time. Winters cuming so the time has come to take the plunge and get active websites like SH or maybe even travel over to England to a swingers club and live out our fantasy. We will keep you posted.