Written by John B

5 Jan 2008

We have not posted since last June, but have done a little dogging since then. With the weather and the kids we had not done anything for a Little while until this week.

Deb, 36, 38e and cuddly, was very demanding in bed and admitted to missing the odd time when she had two or more cocks at once. So we made the most of the Grandparents offer to give us a night away from the kids.

We stayed in a B&B but went to a nearby pub for a drink. Deb was going to try to pull, not something she is confident in, and make up a three some.

With a low cut top and a push them up and throw them out bra, she was at least noticed quickly. She gave a bloke of about 25 the come on look a couple of times and he winked at her when she went to the ladies. When she came back he had been joined by two more blokes, about the same age.

As the night went on more people noticed Deb\\\'s but the three were the only ones to make any move. We were a bit nervous about all three but then, we started it.

Near closing time, the original bloke came over to us. He asked if we were interested in a party after the pub shut. I said yes before Deb could speak and so we found ourselves walking away with all three to a nearby flat.

The party was of course just us. And very soon the slow music was on and Deb was being groped very openly. On of the later two came over to me and asked, \\\"Are you two actually here for a good fucking or are we wasting time?\\\" I said \\\"Your not wasting time!\\\" He went behind Deb and reached round to start undoing her top and that was the signal to the others. One of whom said, \\\"Oh yes, here it comes\\\" What exactly I don\\\'t know.

In a minute Deb was down to her French knickers and shoes, with one or more fingers inserted in her from the front, and her breasts being weighed from behind. After about a minute of this she sighed out an orgasm and her legs folded slowly. The spit roast was inevitable.

The original bloke was in Deb\\\'s mouth and said he like women that were built solidly like Deb, there was more to get hold of. Then he asked if she \\\"put it about\\\" much. I was feeling very crude watching Deb get fucked so said, \\\"Any cock she can get, as often as she can. A real slapper!\\\" Even though she was being roasted Deb managed to give me an evil look. Then she came again!

The first load was shot up her and the other bloke took over. As soon as Deb had taken the load in her mouth I was in there, and had a good play with her swinging breasts too.

The bloke fucking her wanted to put Deb on her back so we turned her over and he got between her legs, hoisted her ankles to his shoulders and went at full tilt. One of the others stated how he loved to see her tits wobble back and forth as she was fucked. It was a while before this one came in Deb but when he did it was my turn. I did not last long but really enjoyed the feeling of a well filled hole for the first time in some time. I came just after Deb did.

We had a short break and a drink, and I made up stories about Deb and a string of men, making her out to be a right slut, and they all seemed to think it was more than possible. Of course there was then more fucking to be done. The original bloke got betwen Deb\\\'s thighs as she perched on the edge of the sofa and just slid in. He said some thing along the lines of, \\\'it must be great to be married to the town bike and get lots of sloppy seconds\\\', and Deb, having got used to her fictional reputation replied for me, saying, \\\"Seconds, if he jumps the queue. More like fourths or fifths, I like a real cock before I let him get stuck in!\\\" This made them all laugh and then Deb had a cock in her mouth and said no more.

More of the same really, Deb was fucked like a toy by the four of us until we couldn\\\'t get it up again. On her back, legs in the air, a tit wank for a minute or two and roast quite a bit. Any position Deb would just go along with it and take all the cock going. It was around half past two to three o\\\'clock when we cleaned up a bit and went home.

A great break.