Written by John_B

18 Jan 2018

Duncan kept in touch with Fiona from their meet at a Xmas night out and at 32 , muscly and a fireman Fiona wasn’t keen in losing Duncan as a contact. The only slight snag was she had been at school with his brother and although lost contact he would know she was apparently happily married which she is but we both like the extra fun but it’s obviously not something we want people to know. Fiona advised Duncan of this that best to keep their relationship from his brother as obviously she is married and to him it’s an extra-marital affair.

Fiona and Duncan have met a number of times usually for lunch and then to ours for some afternoon sex fun as he had been working night shift and I was at work. It would often involve Fiona wearing her leather trousers and jacket as this was Duncan’s favourite. Fiona likes to please so was happy to go with but leathers are not my favourite and I don’t think show off Fiona’s sexy side like skirts and dresses do. I’d return from work and find Fiona usually still in bed and exhausted from two or three hours of passion with Duncan. Fiona was enjoying all the lunches and being wined and dined by a new man. I was also being pleasured every time Duncan had been and was being told every detail.

They were both out for lunch yesterday (third time this week ) and during lunch Fiona suggested they go shopping for a new leather skirt as she can’t just keep wearing the same leather trousers for him. Duncan was in agreement and Fiona text me this when I was at work and I was so aroused more at the thought of them shopping and being sexy than the leather skirt as again not quite my thing.

I didn’t hear from Fiona all afternoon and sent my usual text telling her I was leaving the office so that I didn’t return and spoil the fun. Fiona simply text back “in bed waiting on you”. I arrived home and went upstairs and in to our room and Fiona was sitting in nice black leather looking top and a short leather skirt with her holdups. Fiona said Duncan was only 5 minutes out the door and had cum three times since they arrived home. She did look nice in the leather skirt and top and clear evidence Duncan had not long pulled out. I was so turned on as I stood at the side of the bed undressing. Fiona said she didn’t want to move as the cum was everywhere and learned Duncan had shot all three lots in Fiona which by now with her own juices seeping out and in to the skirt. I slid my hand up in to Fiona’s skirt and she was wettest she had ever been. She said he literally got off each time he had cum and she didn’t even get a chance to clean. As i took off my boxers I said so no oral today and she said no, She said they kissed lay on the bed and Duncan slid in. Duncan does like that Fiona takes every drop of cum and today was the first she hadn’t sucked him. At this she ran her hand teasingly up her thigh gathering his cum and started to lick her fingers.

I was very turned on and simply climbed over to give Fiona her fourth lot of cum for the day, she was being very teasing as I slid my cock in as she still gathered more of his cum and lay with her eyes closed licking and sucking his cum as I fucked her. As I was fucking her I asked what are you thinking about and she simply replied “Duncan’s Cock”. It wasn’t too long before I’d also cum and lots of it.

A pleaseant evening was had with me cumming a further twice x