Written by Peter

29 Jan 2016

My wife had been fucked by a rep who called on the office where she worked. He took her for a drink after work then back to his place where he gave her a good shagging. After she told me everything that took place I too screwed her giving her another load of creamy spunk. We lay quietly and I told her that I would like another threesome as we hadn't had one for awhile. I wanted to watch her fucking again. She agreed but said that she would have a threesome as I watched, I,e two men fucking her in turns whilst I sat and wanked myself off. She also suggested entering a new ad asking for more men to fuck her, men with big cocks. This I did and was about five weeks before the replies started coming. As usual we lay in bed going through them, she picked out those she fancied. I always stipulated telephone nos, no mobile phones in those days. Also of course , full frontal photos with full erections. She selected them in preference and I rang the first two she had selected. Both were delighted that I had rung and arranged to meet them at an hotel. So the following Friday we booked into the hotel and just before the arranged time we went to the bar, ordered drinks and sat at the bar. They arrived within minutes of each other, the bar was quiet and they pulled bar stools up to us and we sat talking, breaking the ice. She wore a tight fitting cream knitted dress which clung to her petite body. They obviously approved as they couldn't take their eyes off her lovely breasts. After drinks we left for our room. Graham and James sat each side of her on the edge of the bed, Graham kissed her, his tongue rolling around hers, his hand moved onto her firm breast over her dress. James moved his hand up under her dress. I sat on the armchair, cock in hand wanking myself off. Graham unzipped her dress and drew it down off her shoulders to her waist. Then removed her bra leaving her naked to the waist. Meanwhile James had raised her dress and was fingering her cunt and clit."God , your wet" he said.as he proceeded to finger fuck her. They lay her down onto the bed and removed her dress and knickers, leaving just her stockings and suspenders on. I liked that. She stroked their cocks over their trousers and Graham stood up and undressed. She didn't take her eyes off his groin as he removed his underpants. "Hmm, nice " she said as his cock sprang up hard and erect and very thick. He positioned himself so she could suck his cock. James then undressed and his cock too stood up hard and erect and again very thick which again pleased her. Graham went down between her open legs, slipping two fingers inside her glistening pussy, his tongue licking her clit making her writhe and gasp. She was sucking James's hard cock, flicking her tongue across his piss hole licking the pre cum as it seeped out.

I was having a good wank seeing how much she was enjoying their attentions. I asked who was going to shag her first and Graham said he would and moved on top of her. She held his cock and guided it to the entrance of her more than ready cunt. She caught her breath as she felt 8" of thick prick enter her, stretching her cunt lips as he pushed his cock deep inside her. "Fucking hell, what a lovely body and lovely cunt you have" he groaned as he began shagging her. She was writhing beneath him , pushing up to meet his thrusts, then he rolled onto his back pulling her on top of him, his cock still inside her. As she was riding his cock he sucked her nipples and squeezed her tits. I went to the bedside table and took out a vibrator and a tube of K gel. I smeared the gel over the vibro and placed it at the opening of her anus. She moaned quietly as she felt the vibrator slowly penetrate her arshole. I told James to fuck her with it. He switched it fully on and she groaned and said it felt so good. Graham groaned and said he could feel it through the thin membrane between her cunt and anus. I knelt on the bed alongside her head so that she could suck me off and now she had each hole filled. James removed the vibrator and smeared some gel over his cock and eased his thick cock up her tight arshole making her cry out. "That feels so big" she cried. He asked if she wanted him to stop and she said no I want your spunk. Graham said he couldn't hold back any longer and pumped a load on spunk right up her cunt as James screwed her arse. Soon he too came inside her making her climax over and over. When they had both withdrawn I fucked her doggie style fucking both her cunt and her arse before coming inside her cunt.

She lay there sighing, saying how good it had been the spunk oozing out from her cunt and her arse. We lay quietly for awhile and I went to the mini bar and poured drwife for us. I sat in the chair as James and Graham sat with my wife between them. We finished our drinks and they began touching her again and they both gave her another good shagging and gave her whatever spunk they had left. They both said what an unbelievable experience it had been and would love to do it again sometime. I said I would be in touch. After they had gone I screwed her again. She said it had been something else especially when I pushed the vibrator up her arse. She said she wasn't expecting that and her arse was now a bit sore.