Written by John_B

29 Dec 2016

Our work commitments do not allow Fiona and I to have as much cuckhold fun as we would like but when it comes round to this time of year we make the most of the party nights.

It has been several months since we had any fun with Fiona going off with another guy. We both finished our work on 14th December and had plenty of time to prepare for Christmas. Fiona had a night with her workmates in town and we had gone shopping for an outfit, we chose a lovely white blouse and short pleated red skirt for the night out. We chatted leading up to the night that hopefully she would pull on the evening. Fiona is very attractive and can be very flirty and seductive. She set off on her night out looking super sexy in her skirt and blouse with red panties and holdups.

It turned out the party night was really good with 6 different workplaces having booked tables so after the meal there was the opportunity to dance. Fiona said very quickly she set her sights on a guy who was very fit looking dressed in white shirt and black trousers. Eventually she caught his eye and she said they would make flirty glances at each other. When the meal was finished and the dancing started Fiona took to the dance floor with her pals and then felt herself dancing next to this bloke. After a few dances they started to dance together and got chatting. He introduced himself as Thomas and was a physical education instructor.

Fiona said they danced for ages and turned out his flat was very close to the city centre and after everyone had gone from Fiona's work group she agreed to join Thomas back at his for a drink. Fiona said it was actually close enough to take a short walk to the flat. On the way Thomas stopped and turned round in a doorway of a shop and started to kiss Fiona, she said it was a very passionate kiss and as he pulled her towards him she could fell his bulging cock , this is always a huge turn on for Fiona to know even before undressing she is able to get a guy rock hard, equally she said she could feel her nipples were very erect.

After kissing they continued the short distance to his flat and on entering a Thomas turned to Fiona and they picked up the kissing again. She said they kissed for ages (Fiona reckoned 45 minutes which is the longest she had ever done with a guy before sex) and eventually he asked if she was "ok", she replied "yes ,and are you ok?" He then made the observation that he noticed Fiona was married. Fiona thought at that point he was a real gentleman and he would have been content with the kissing so she would have to make the first move, so she did! She said she resumed the kissing and made no reply to Thomas asking her about being married. As soon as they were passionately snogging again on the sofa she motioned her hand down to his trousers and slowly undid the zip of his trousers, she said she could feel his whole body arch as if to try push his cock out of the zip. She said she slowly moved her hand inside and stroked his cock, he then returned the compliment by moving his hand slowly towards Fiona's pussy and she said it was electric after so much kissing to feel his hand rub her clit. She said it wasn't too long before she was on top of him pulling her panties over and sliding down on his shaft. She said she could feel herself coming to orgasm and at exactly same time so did Thomas.