Written by Cruise

25 Nov 2016

A few of you gave some lovely comments on part one of the Wonderful meet.

So as luck would have it after our Birmingham meet, he had to go to Glasgow overnight for work. He messaged me to ask if I was free to join him, he had already checked that his train would stop in Oxenholme station in the lakes. I was at a loose and and we had had such a great time and we're so sexually compatible I was very keen to join him.

Second meets are superb in my opinion, it is still so new and exciting but you ard also starting to know eachother and likes and dislikes. This also enables the foreplay to begin days in advance, and it did in earnest...He hadn't had sex since he had last seen me as he rarely fucks his wife and after admitting to his girlfriend that he had a rendezvous with me in Birmingham she is needless to say still pretty pissed and not putting out.

With this in mind after days of talking about what we were going to do to eachother, he asked me to no longer masturbate until the meet and he also wouldn't. Good lord this nearly killed me, but he was adamant it would intensify our orgasms.

So all arrangements were made and we sent naughty messages, I met him on the 15.22 pm train, bizarrely our reserved seats were only a few apart but he managed to get the seat next to me. So I joined the train and there he was with a huge smile for me.

We greeted eachother with a kiss and hug, he took my luggage and coat like the true gentleman he is. As arranged I brought a bottle of wine and he brought lunch, so we cracked open a bottle and poured it into real wine glasses which he laughed at me for! So we were chatting and snuggly on the train, and I kept noticing the passenger on the next table sharing at me trying to see if I was wearing a wedding band which of course I wasn't and of course he was.

Anyway the 2 hours passed in a flash, with chatting, kisses and subtle groping under the table. Five minute walk to the hotel and we checked in. 10th floor, long ride in the elevator.

When We arrived in the room, we had a lovely long kiss and slow luxurious love making. He know I have a hang up about my curvy tummy and was flattering and gracious. I also don't particularly like my pussy being eaten on first meets so this was our second meet and couldn't wait to get to taste and tease my very wet pussy. Working his way down from my mouth to my full breasts and then to my smooth pussy I writhed with pleasure, but needed his cock, so manipulated my way into a 69 position for joint pleasure. He has a gorgeous 7.5 inch smooth cock with very little to no foreskin and I love taking it deep into my throat. To be honest we were so horny that it didn't take long until he slipped easily into me aching pussy, I wrapped myself around him as my pussy muscles gripped him it was fantastic, I love kissing and eye contact as this makes me hornier, so it wasn't long before I came hard pulsating around his cock and soaking it. He came soon after shuddering to a huge climax. We took a shower together and went down to eat and enjoy a couple of drinks.

When we got back we opened a bottle of champagne I had brought with me and got on cam.

I love having sex on cam, I find it so dirty knowing that there are so many enjoying the view and wanking over us. So we opened a room and started again, enjoying the commentary from the 150 ish people watching. Now time to expand his boundries...I was sucking him and moved lower after sucking his balls I moved lower still tonguing his sweet asshole and slipping a finger in. I then put my strap on on choosing the smallest dildo, lubed him up and fucked his asshole, which he and the audience loved. After which he took me doggy and lubed me up and pushed his way into my tight pink ass, I love anal, really love it and was pushing back on him to get him deeper, he was soon ball deep and fucking my ass hard with his balls smacking my cheeks, it was so intense and frenzied that I came and he exploded into me unloading again. In the mean time we lost the laptop that had fallen to the floor as he had totally lost self control.

Laptop back on and us cleaned up we read the comments switching off around 2 am.

I don't sleep well so awoke around 5 am and felt him stir...I started to play with his balls but he went to pee, on return I went straight down to suck him and then I mounted him and I literally rode him senseless, it didn't take long for us both to cum, after which we both fell asleep waking again around 7.45 am.

We kissed and cuddled, he made coffee and got back into bed, knowing he had to call his wife at 8.15 am we chatted and snuggled a while. When he was ready to call his wife I once again wrapped my mouth around his once again hard cock. It was such a thrill to be licking and sucking his cock and balls while he is trying to hold a normal conversation with his wife, after he ended the call he pushed me onto my back telling my how dirty I was for doing that pushing himself straight into my very hot wet pussy. Again a wonderful fuck, hard and as deep as it could go, I swear hitting my cervix, after we both came gain, time to think of the real world again.

We showered , packed and left. I was totally spent as was he but at least I could go home, he had to go to work! Anyways all good things come to an end, he walked me to the station and we said goodbye. With the distance between us it's unlikely I will see him again on this vacation but promised to meet again in April when I am home.

Once again I hope you enjoy this account of another wonderful meet and have faith there are real people on swingingheaven.co.uk.