Written by Sylvie

6 May 2010

My name is Sylvie and my story is something that happened a good few years ago now. I'm married to Matt, he's fourteen years older than me and he's the love of my life. I was married twice before and was well experienced sexually even before the first. I married my first husband when I was eighteen, he gave me my son but we both cheated on each other so we decided to part, my second turned out to be a wife beater. After a few years I met Matt who was appalled at the way I was being treated and with his advice I ended it, I divorced my husband and had him charged with assault. I moved in with Matt and a year later we married, best thing I ever did. Between my first and second marriages I'd had a little girl by one of my lovers, I now had a 'pigeon pair' as the old people called it.

I have noticed on here several posts by or about women who have gone on holiday to Turkey and had a great time having sex with Turkish men, well it happened to me too. Matt was a very mature and understanding man and, after we'd been together for about four years he sensed that I was yearning a bit for the life I'd led having a variety of sexual partners. Apparently I had been talking about someone I had met pretty often, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my sex life with Matt but I was always one for a bit of variety. Matt asked what this man was like and how had I met him? I told him that he was a rep who called in the office where I worked, he was one that I normally dealtwith and I had to admit that we were attracted to each other. You would never believe what Matt said, it was, 'Well sweetheart, I don't own you, when we met all I wanted was four or five years of you to myself. We've had that and I do know of your past because you have told me. If there is any way I can meet or see this man, if I think he's okay then you can have him!' I was staggered but never one to look a gift horse in the mouth I quickly arranged to go to lunch with Rob, the man comcerned, it was a pub where Matt could be having a drink and observing us.

After this he said, 'I was quite impressed, but with a couple of ground rules, it's okay with me.' He told me that I wasn't to meet Rob anywhere near where we lived or stay out later than one o'clock in the morning, I managed to get him to agree to half-one and everything was on. To cut a long story short, I went out with Matt a week later and had great sex in the back of his car. His cock was, if anything, slightly smaller than Matt's and his technique no better, but of course it was different. But by far the best thing was what happened when I got home, Matt was in bed reading, my knickers were sticky with the spunk leaking out of me and as I undressed Matt threw the bedclothes back revealing his lovely cock. He said, 'Come here,' I got on the bed with him and, turning me on my back he first spread my legs and examined my cunt then mounted me and pushed his cock in. The spunk, mixed with my juice of course, squirted out all over my thighs, bottom and stomach and we then had the most fantastic sex we'd ever had.

Afterwards as we lay recovering Matt said, 'If having a bit on the side has that effect on you, you'd better go on doing it!' We did! We went on until I did something silly, one afternoon Rob rang me and said, 'Look, I'm in town and I can meet you early on, but I have to be home by ten, so can I meet you locally?' I knew that I was taking a chance but agreed, met him had sex twice in the back of his car then went home. Matt said, 'You're home early, how come?' So I told him. He went beserk, I had never seen him like it and the upshot was that I didn't get to make love with him that night and I never saw Rob again, a lesson well learnt.

All this sort of sets the scene. A couple of years earlier we had started having a holiday abroad, then Matt suggested that we went to Turkey, this was in the days when not many people went to Turkey from this country. We absolutely loved it.

Well, at the time I was thirty-nine, blonde, blue-eyed and with still a very good figure. I was quite used to men looking at me but those Turks! They were different, they stripped and fucked you with their eyes and I often lay on the my lounger with a wet fanny! Matt and I fucked all the time, often first thing in the morning when we woke, at our siesta when we came off the beach then again when we went to bed. Matt was an extremely experienced and considerate lover and had great stamina, how could he do it I asked sometime, he shrugged, experience over many years he told me. I just thought that I was so lucky to have a man like that, but nevertheless it didn't still the yearnings.

Halfway through our two week holiday we went window shopping in jeweller's windows, Matt had promised that he would buy me something to remember the holiday by. We were gazing at the display at one shop when the owner came out and invited us in, 'No problem,' he said, 'no pressure, just have an apple tea and I will show you anything you like.' So in we went. He was a very good-looking man about Matt's age and right from the first minute there was a frisson of sexual energy in the air, I was attracted to him and it was obvious that he was to me. Anyway we were there quite a while during our chat he invited us to his apartment, 'Turkey is a beautiful country,' he said, 'my apartment looks out over the bay and all the surrounding country.' We agreed to go and said that we'd be back later that evening. As we left Matt said, 'You've got the hots for him, haven't you?' I had to agree, then Matt made my heart stop, 'Tell you what, later you go back on your own, tell him I have a headache or something, then you have the opportunity if you want it.'

I went. Matt had said how impressed he was by Tariq, 'A perfect gentleman,' he said, 'I'm sure that you'll be perfectly safe with him.' The point of that was that, at the time we first went, it was an offence for a Turkish man even to touch a European woman, he could go to prison for it so had to be discreet. As the time drew near we went back to our appartment where I showered again, we showered three or four times a day out there. Then I put on my sexiest undies, see-through bra, matching pants and followed by a semi-transparent blouse and a lightweight skirt. The appointed time was midnight when Tariq closed-up, I arrived and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, he was sorry, he said, that Matt couldn't come and hoped he felt better in the morning.

We walked to the sea-front road, first there was a quayside where all the boats were moored, then a wide garden area then the road. It was lined with good-quality shops, banks and offices. He turned down an alley between two buildings, opened a door on one side and we went in. It was a small yard and there was another door in the side of the building. This he unlocked and we went in, he locked the door again and we climbed up some stairs to another door which he again unlocked and locked after we had entered. I looked around, it was one vast room containing a kitchen area, a dining area and a sitting area, this was fronted by huge french doors. He led the way and opened these and we stepped out onto a balcony. This ran along the whole front of the building, it was wide and had a protective railing in front, it also had a large bed along the wall. 'Come,' Tariq said, 'let me show you how beautiful it is.'

I stood at the rail and gazed out over the sea to the mountains in the distance, it was surprising how much one could see in the brilliant moonlight. Tariq stood behind me pointing out places of interest, he had his arma either side of me and I soon felt his erection pressing against my back from the top of the cleft of my bum to above my waist. My body reacted. He kissed the back of my neck and took a breast in each hand and caressed them, my nipples rose immediately. 'Dear lady,' he said, 'I know that you feel the same as I do!' 'Yes!' I panted, I turned in his arms and we kissed, my head swam.

Now his cock pressed my stomach, it was obviously of some size and, as he unbuttoned my blouse, took it off thenremoved my bra, I felt it through his clothing. He bent his head and kissed my breasts then kissed and sucked my nipples, always calculated to arouse me. I thought, 'I must remember everything to tell Matt when I get back.' I unzipped him and felt for his cock through the opening in his boxers, it felt huge. 'Come,' he said and led me to the bed. He undressed me completely and laid me on the bed while he undressed, I let my legs fall apart so that he could see what he would be getting. I have always shaved down there so my cunt was easy to see. I gasped as he finally let fall his boxers, his cock hung only a little above the horizontal, due to it's size and weight. It was quite obviously in excess of eight inches long and by far the thickest I had ever seen, I found that my hand would not encompass the shaft. Never-theless, I rubbed it as best I could, pre-cum exuded liberally. He was still standing by the side of the bed and I pulled him toward me by his cock and kissed it tasting his juice. Then he went down on his knees, pulled me round, put my legs over his shoulders and kissed my cunt.

I should explain that I have one of those cunts that are normally closed and close immediately after intercourse. He kissed the lips, then the insides of my thighs and groin and then pushed his tongue in. He found the entrance and pushed his tongue in as deep as it would go then fucked me with it. By now I was thoroughly aroused and came immediately when he teased my clit with his tongue, I cried out in exstasy as he sucked it into his mouth then drew it out through tightly closed lips, I thought that I would faint. Immediately he pulled me up onto my knees on the bed and entered me from behind, he was very gentle and didn't just thrust his cock in but gently pushed and relaxed, pushed and relaxed until he felt it in. He eased it right up me, it rubbed my clit strongly all the way in... and out. He gradually created a rhythm, making me cum all the time. I had never been one to cum while being fucked, now I couldn't stop. He fucked me for about five minutes before he came and I felt his soft spurts gradually fill me with his lovely spunk. Then he stopped and just stood there with his cock still embedded inside me, he went soft but, of course, the sheer bulk of his organ ensured that I could feel it still. I felt myself still throbbing on him but gradually slowing down until my reaction ceased.

Tariq said softly, 'Sylvie, it has been an honour to fuck suck a beautiful and responsive cunt, I hope you feel that my yarak has done you justice!' I pulled him down and kissed him, 'Of course it did! It was wonderful, I have never cum like that while being fucked before, your yarak has fucked me like I have never been fucked before!' He slipped his cock out then turned me back onto the bed and joined me. We began kissing but I wanted to see his 'yarak' more closely, I hadn't seen one the size of it before. I burrowed down and kissed it, tasting his spunk and my cunt juice at the same time. The shaft was heavily veined and would have looked rather like a clover leaf if it had been cut through, the glans was immense, no wonder he'd had to work to get into me! Even soft I would guess it exceeded seven inches in length and I still couldn't get my hand fully round the shaft!

As I was examining his cock he turned me round and began caressing my cunt, my lips had closed as they normally did but I was super-sensitive and so aroused that the inner lips had thickened so that they peeped through between the outer ones and even my clit would have been just visible. Then he began kissing me there again, I was leaking spunk, but all he did in the end was fill his mouth, turn, kiss me, and empty it all in my mouth. His cock became hard again while all this was going on so I turned him on his back and, kneeling over him, eased myself onto it. I gently let myself ease down until the full length was in me, I could feel that I was very tight on him but I was sloppy wet with cunt juice and spunk so I was able to fuck him without too much trouble. Even like this his cock rubbed my clit and I began to cum again, in the main these were a sort of continuous ripple through me but, every now and then a full blown orgasm would hit me. It was too much and after only a a couple of minutes or so I fell off him sideways. He immediately mounted me missionary style and, easing his yarak in, began fucking me again. Now he beacme more forceful, I have to say that it did become somewhat painful, but I didn't have the heart to stop him and let him fuck to a climax. It took long minutes with me hurting but cumming all the time too. Then, suddenly, he groaned and rammed his cock painfully into me, as he retracted he shot his cum deeply into me. This he repeated several times until he left me, hurting, gasping with exstasy and exhausted.

A couple of minutes later he rolled off, 'I apologise,' he said, 'the supreme exstasy overtook me, did I hurt you too much?' He kissed me. I shook my head, 'Not for just this once, but I think you have got it out of your system, I don't think it will happen again.' I kissed him tenderly, 'Love is all about feelings and I love you, so I let you do that just for love. I don't love you like I love my husband but I am sure that I can fuck you as much as you want, it won't be a problem.' Tariq was delighted, I think he had exhausted himself with the intensity of his emotions and I went and showered and went back to Matt.

It was somethinmg like four o'clock in the mnorning by the time I was undressing beside the bed, he was still awake. 'Couldn't sleep,' he explained, 'thinking of what you were doing,' he looked down between my legs at my spunk soaked knickers, 'Looks like you had a good time!' Naked I bent over him and gave him a kiss, 'I certainly did.' 'Tell me about it,' he said. As I started he caressed my slippery cunt and kissed my breasts and nipples, but he was soon mounting me and pushing his rigid cock into my well fucked orifice. He didn't last of course, he became far to excited and came before I'd even reached the stage of Tariq cumming the first time! Not that it mattered, as I went on telling him all about what happened he became hard and was fucking me again. Some time later when I had really finished and he was about to cum I murmured, 'Spunk over me, darling!' I lifted my head to see the incredible way Matt shoots his spunk, I'd seen it many times before of course but I still liked to watch and feel those fierce jets hitting me wherever. This time I opened my mouth and he duly shot at least one jet accurately into it before the rest went everywhere.

Showered and exhausted we went to bed. That holiday proceeded in the sane fashion and I did stay overnight at Tariq's once or twice but still got another good fucking when I returned whatever time it was. This led to several years of going on holiday to that destination purely because I knew that I would get the best fucking I could hope for but, in fact, in later years we did go elsewhere in Turkey and I duly experienced a variety of well-endowed Turkish men, even one, to my shame, young enough to be my son.

If this tale is well received I will continue with more experiences in Turkey, oh, and I have to tell you that I got my souvenir of that holiday, a piece of jewellery that didn't cost anything like it should have!