Written by alancue

8 Jun 2019

About 10 years ago I started to work at a Builders Merchants . Boring stuff but great work colleagues. Got to know Pam who worked on the Paint Counter. She wasn't anything special to look at but then neither was I. We spent time checking each other out until we got to the point where we realised that she was a Dominatrix and I was knew to this but very interested. Her husband wanted her to dominate someone else . He was a Sub and wanted her to have another Sub . I became that sub . We met on Industrial Estates at night . It was made clear to me that there would be no penetration . I was allowed to give her oral sex. She would have the most amazing orgasms. She would pass out for minutes. When she came around I would be tied to the car seat and she would wank my cock - talking to me all the time . Telling me how worthless I was. How she wanted to see my come on her hand. When I did come she made me lick it off her then kiss her. Then she would slap my face and tell me how dirty I was . I would have to make her come again with my fingers and tongue before she went home . This was just the beginning of her domination