Written by Andy

11 Mar 2017

You may remember that on 11th Feb I wrote about what happened as a result of my wife, Laura, meeting a black guy called Mark at her works night out. With my encouragement she invited him onto our bedroom where they had hot sex in front of me, something which became a regular pattern between December and when I wrote about it. Laura had initially promised that she would only ever go with Mark when I was there, but then, encouraged by her workmates, decided she’d go on holiday with Mark without me. Just after I wrote the first time Laura announced that they were bringing the holiday forward from April to the last week in February and the first week of March. When I asked her why she wanted to go away with him, and not let me come she said that she wanted the space for her relationship with Mark to develop and that it would be more intimate with just the two of them. “You know the jealousy will get you really turned on” she giggled, “you’ll be desperate for me when I get back.” As an added humiliation she said that she would only let me make love with her on the night before they left if Mark could watch. We’d always agreed that this was out of bounds, but what choice did I have when I was going to be without her for two weeks? It was really embarrassing doing it in front of him and Laura really goaded me as we were doing it by saying how much she was going to enjoy being with Mark, and how much she liked his big cock inside her. Just for good measure he pushed me off her as soon as I had come and shagged her for hours before going home to pack.

Laura had arranged for Jenni, her hot workmate, to move in with me whilst she was away. When I say “hot” it wasn’t that she was more attractive that Laura, for me no one can hold a candle to my gorgeous wife, even though her sexual interest is more in Mark than me. Jenni was hot in the sense of being big and voluptuous. He is about 14 stone, has a really big arse and massive tits. She has a very sexy face and I’d always fantasised about what sex with her would be like. However, I also found that it wasn’t going to be about forgetting my sexual jealousy and humiliation. Jenni told me with glee that it was her who had been the main one persuading Laura to go with Mark on the works night out. She’d done her best to get Laura to go to his hotel room for the night and to tell me that Laura was staying at hers. She also said that Laura talked constantly at work about Mark, how great he was in bed and how she’d love to move in with him and leave me! She’d told them how much bigger his cock was than mine and how she enjoyed it when Mark put me down. Jenni confessed that she’d been trying to encourage Laura to leave me because she thought Laura would have a much better sex life with him.

I didn’t know how to feel about the fact that Jenni had been trying to break up my marriage. Could I really have sex with her after she’d been so cruel? The answer was “yes”, as she slipped out of her clothes and revealed her big curvy arse and sexy tits, I knew I was going to have a great time in bed with her. It turned out she had a sadistic streak that matched my masochistic one and whereas Laura was being an emotional ball buster, Jenni was a physical one. She gave me blowjobs using her teeth, raking and scraping them on my cock, forcing my foreskin down with them and biting the tip really hard. She’d flick my cock around with her sharp nails and stretch it with her fist gripping it like a vice. She’d always shag me from on top, squashing me beneath her magnificent body and frequently sitting hard on may face whilst I ate her out. She wasn’t squeamish about blowjobs and loved me coming in her mouth, when she would greedily swallow my cum with a smile on her face. She was also insatiable, insisting that we had sex several times a day.

Surprisingly the two week flew by, but I was pleased to see Laura and Mark back, as the jealousy of being a cuckold was always playing on the back of my mind. When they returned, Laura let Jenni stay to watch them have sex in front of me. She gave a running commentary and told me how much Laura must be enjoying such a huge cock inside her. They both settled down by his cock and gave him a double blowjob. Jenni then said that she wanted to watch me shag Laura; she and Mark cuddled up together laughing as I desperately shagged the wife I am still in love with.

Then Laura told me that she was leaving me to move in with Mark. I am still struggling with this and miss her. She says I can come round and watch them sometimes and that she’ll let me shag her occasionally, but only with Mark’s permission. Jenni said she wanted to, move in with me, which she has, so I am getting some great sex – but not with the woman I really love. I also have this sneaking suspicion that the whole thing was set up by Jenni so that she could have a man to control and fill her own sexual kinks.