Written by B

23 Jul 2012

This happened a couple of years ago but still gets me wet thinking about what happened. Firstly i am a forty eight year old married women with grown up children and own my own hairdressers in a small town, we were out on my Xmas do with five young girls that work for me we had a meal and then hit the pubs. One of the girls was telling us about this guy she had had the night before, she couldn't believe the size of his cock how it had hurt her at first and then drove her wild. All i could think about is what was waiting for me at home (small dick), as the night progressed we ended up in a club and we all got introduced to big cock and his mates. Girls were dancing coming back a forth to our table and i found myself talking to big cock and just couldn't stop thinking about what his cock was like, i had my jacket lying across my lap and found myself with my hand up my skirt rubbing myself getting very wet. Time to go home i thought before i do something i'll regret I said my goodbye's left the club and got a taxi home. My husband and been up the local pub with a couple of mates but should have been back by the time i got home there was lights on so i thought at least i am going to get some cock even if it is rather small.I went into the kitchen and couldn't believe what i could see my husband was head down on the table asleep one mate was on the floor sleeping and another sitting there watching TV i said what the hells going on the he said they can't hold their drink. B who was on the floor came round with my shouting and left rather sharpish and T got up to leave i said your going no where until we get G my husband onto the floor in the front room we dragged him in put him on the floor with a pillow under his head. If you can picture this my husband out cold on the floor i'm on my knees and T standing the other side of my husband I was so mad and horny I still can't believe what i did next. I reached across and unzipped T's jeans pulled out his cock and boy was it worth it a big chunk of meat i sucked it hard looking down at my husband who was out cold not knowing what was happening over the top of him. I have never been unfaithfull before but was lost in the moment nothing else in the world seemed to matter at that moment other than me needing to be fucked. After giving T's cock a good suck i stood up pulled off my knickers and said fuck me hard i was bent over my husband getting shagged from behind by his mate what a feeling, I pulled out my husbands limp dick and started slapping it about saying you could be having this. T just kept slamming me from behind i have never being fucked so hard, he said he was about to come i told him to fill me which is what he did, after he pulled out i stood over my husband letting his mates spunk drip out of me all over his limp dick and his face T was a little shocked at what had just happened and left rather quickly. I stood by the door looking at my husband covered in his mates juices and not knowing what his slut wife had just done,the next morning he came into our bedroom and asked what had happened, i told him he had performed like a porn star last night and i had never been so sore.