4 Nov 2015

I was lucky enough to be able to work all over the country, often for weeks at a time. I took a contract to work near Brighton, and looked for accommodation in the area and logically as a naturist I sought somewhere that facilitated this lifestyle.

Fortunately I found a naturist club in the area that permitted long-stays for guests, and made the right contacts to enable me to rent a cabin on the site for the weeks I was there.

At that time, my wife (also a naturist and decidedly sexy with it) was recovering from a minor op but one that kept her away from work for several months so she joined me for the whole period I was away. As I left for work each morning, I left her naked in bed with the cabin door wide open - well, there's no point being shy as a naturist, is there?

As the weather changed from a hot spring to a hotter summer, the swimming pool was re=commissioned and opened up more facilities for her to enjoy during the day, and made a change from reading naked on the sun lounger. She quickly became friends with all the club members, and found out that there were occasional weekends where children were forbidden, as there was a degree of adult activity taking place. Not everyone, but enough to be interesting.

From this, she noticed she was attracting the attention of one man in particular, who was there with his wife and two children. He took every opportunity to spend time with her, and I often arrived back to find him sitting with my wife, discretely stroking his cock which was always at half-mast.

He was aware that we were not "innocents" and were happy to watch and be watched, also in the right circumstances, to play with others.

As we are aware of our needs, I knew he would not be there if my wife didn't want him to be, but as usual she was waiting for my agreement to progress events a little. Needless to say, she received my assent and so I expected to see some activity in the near future.

It wasn't a long wait.

I got back the next day, and was told that as he came into the cabin for a tea that morning (his wife and children all slept in until around 11ish) he was greeted with my wife lying on the futon gently playing with herself using a 10inch dildo on her pussy. Clearly a player himself, he asked if she needed a hand - and was told "yes please". He took the dildo from her and proceeded to use it gently, whilst also playing with her clitoris. It didn't take long before he brought her to a climax, one that was not silent. As the door was still open, the sudden presence of men passing the door, even those who had no logical reason to pass by, didn't go unnoticed by them both.

Still leaving the door open, she recovered and then proceeded to suck him off, kneeling on the futon and with him standing looking out of the window. She cupped his balls in her hand, wanting and sucking enthusiastically until he came over her tits, face and hands. This did still allow her to notice several men stop and watch while this was going on, and made a mental note of who they were.

As it was still quite early, she made tea and they sat outside for a couple of hours, whilst still gently wanking him to maintain his hard-on.

There are quite a lot of wooded areas around the site, so they decided to go for a little wander around, taking a blanket to sit on when they felt the need.

My wife found a convenient spot, so they lay the blanket down and started to fondle each other - oh the joy of not having to undress - and when he was fully erect, she straddled him and gently lowered herself onto his above-average and very rigid cock. Starting slowly, she gradually worked up to a hard, fast fuck, crying out each time she bounced down on him only to lift herself up until his cock was just about to slip out of her, then repeating it all again. This was the first fuck they had, and didn't last all that long, but was certainly long enough to gain a small circle of watchers, all blatantly stroking erections of various sizes. There were six in total.

As she had not orgasmed from the fuck, she wanted more -and more - and more. As she knew each or them, she called the nearest over, and sat up to fondle his cock and balls. Taking him into her mouth, she sucked him for a few moments before another man lifted her slightly onto her knees and then presented his cock to her already stretched cunt. She fucked and sucked each of them, for about an hour in total and took a total of with loads of spunk, in cunt and mouth.

The last guy, and I have to admit I had thought he was more into cocks than cunts, put his cock into her flooded cunt for a couple of strokes, then gently but persistently pushed it into her arse. Thankfully, though very long, he wasn't especially broad, so eventually it all went in and then he took around fifteen minutes of softly fucking her ares, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Finally, with a very fast staccato series of thrusts, he emptied his balls into her arse.

Thoroughly well fucked, and with cum in every hole, she needed a shower and a rest. She told me of this when I came back that evening, and had a further two loads of cum in her from myself.

Since that day, she had at least two lovers fuck her every morning, often more, and myself and one other guy staying without his wife, every evening.

She never closed the door, day or night, and guys used to drop in at all times, throughout our stay there.

We often look back on those days, especially as we have got older and moved to the Welsh Borders area, as there appears nothing similar around here. Mind you, we are now in our early sixties, but she is still as keen to fuck, particularly with two or more guys as I can no longer perform, but do enjoy watching her enjoy herself!