Written by elliemae

8 Feb 2014

I work in a distribution warehouse in the admin side and this is a incident that happened about ayear ago. My ideal man is tall and long legged my partner of 10 years is a policeman and the stories I could tell about our exploits would go on for ever so this is about what happened at work.

Alan came to work with us about 3 years ago in his early 50s about my hight 5`5" grey haired and bit of a joker. We passed the time of day but that was about it occasionally I would work late especially if my partner was on back shift and it was quieter to do paperwork. Usually one of the girls would stay on with me so i was not on my own and there to help me secure the building. This particular night we had had a really busy day and the paperwork was pileing up but no one could stay on with me so was preparing to go home when Alan appeared he had heard me ask if anyone would stay on and so if I wanted he would while I did the paperwork he would make a start on preparing the load for the next days pickup. i should mention there had been a bit of tension between us of an incident that happened at our Christmas dance a few months earlier. We were all typsy after a good night when our transport arrived to take us home for some unknown reason the bus company we had booked sent a 30 seater instead of a 40 seater coach for what was 35 employees. Of course i said I would sit on someones knee and Alan said mine is free. I sat on his knee but he put his arm around me and pulled me onto his lap with the words don`t want you to fall. Within minutes I realised I was siting on a very hard cock, and hard cock makes me horny. I started to wriggle a little pressing my arse hard against his lap, he gasped whispering in my ear if you don`t sit still I will come in my pants. Of course by now I was very wet and the thought of this hard cock just inches from my fanny, I started to move myself backwards and forwards, I felt Alans arms tighten round my waist shame i had trousers on or he could have put his hands between my legs and fingered me. At that moment the bus arrived at my drop off point and I was straight into my flat to wake my sleeping partner with a hot wet mouth wrapped around his cock before climbing on top and riding him till we were both spent.

Alan and I never discussed what happened just a general what a great dance it had been. As i worked away the thought of that night and Alans hard cock pressed against my arse played over in my mind and of course that nice wet feeling was gathering between my legs. I looked up Alan was standing in the doorway he quietly closed the door and said would you like to sit on my lap? My legs were quivering i stood up and walked to the front of my desk, Alan moved towards me taking my hand he licked my palm nice circular movements I imagined that movement in my fanny. He turned me round pushing me face down on to the desk, you know I am going to fuck you and with that he pushed my skirt up and ripped my tights and panties of. His hand came between my legs fingering me slipping in one then two fingers in my fanny jaming them in hard I heard him sigh so wet. He fumbled with his trousers and then I felt his cock rock hard against my arse he rubbed it up and down my arse crack. With a groan he pushed himself into my fanny his cock was throbbing as he thrust into me, I came hard and fast. He was fucking me with long hard strokes I was in ecstasy I so love cock, he seemed to swell inside me than the feeling of red hot spunk shooting into me till every last drop was in me.

Alan pulled out of me standing back I looked at him his trousers round his ankles his cock sticky with cum and juices starting to soften but I was not finished I sank to my knees taking his sticky cock in my mouth and started to lick and suck him. After a while he started to harden again and soon he was fucking my mouth his hands grabbing my hair as he moved in and out his groans of pleasure at what my mouth was doing to his cock. i stopped sucking and said let me ride you. He lay down and I straddled him lowering my self onto his cock, his finger conected with my clit and he rolled it between his fingers. This was sending my over the top I rode him my fanny throbbing to the feel of him and soon we were in that place where cock and fanny become one to that final gush of spunk and fanny juice a great orgasm.

So far we have not repeated it but I have noticed he is starting to make excuses to come to the office and I know he thinks about we did maybe that second encounter isn`t to far away.