Written by b

19 Jun 2015

sue looked up at me and said how many are there I said I havnt a clue they just keep turning up as more came I was pushed out of way ending up at least 6 foot away ,then this guy said has yucca had her yet ? I said who the fuck is yucca,he said you will know when hes here you will hear that little slut cry out ,he likes to get a girl on her knees and take her in both holes fucking her in one then the other,fucking hell I said whys he called yucca ,because hes as thick as a yucca plant and at least 10 inch ,jesus she cant take that he will split her in half,how do you know he said ,because shes my wife,well I don't hold out much hope of you stopping it theres got to be 30 + guys here and they all want her little cunt ,if I was you I would just watch ,with that he pushed through all the guys to take his place behind her and with a grin he looked at me and took her up the arse ,by now it was nearly 10 .30 and dark when there was a cheer and they said hes here sue looked up and she was completely fucked and coudnt stay on her knees so she was stood up and as she was taken to the tree that had fell over spunk was running out of her red swollen cunt ,I goot to stand by her side and she said I cant take anymore my cunts sore and so is my arse I must have had 20 or more cocks up me ,just one more I said then they will leave you alone,as I said this a totally naked half caste guy came forward with a tight 6 pack and a fucking huge cock he smiled at me and rubbed his cock up and down sues spunky swollen cunt and with a big push gave all his cock and nearly his balls in one go ,sue cryed out that he was to big and to pull out ,but he said no chance and carried on banging her harder ,all of a sudden he stopped and pulled out to the relief of sue,then he plunged back in all the way to his balls again but now he was up her arse ,I told him to take his time as he was hurting her ,to which he replied if you don't want to see her hurt don't bring her ,anyway I wont be long as I am going to pull out and me and the lads are going to spunk over her2 mins later he pulled out banged it back up her cunt then pulled out turned her round and pushed her onto her knees and tossed off over her face and tits as well as telling them to do the same ,she had that much spunk shot over her that a guy took of his t shirt to wipe her down ,as she was getting dressed yucca came over and gave us his phone number saying that he had a lot of mates who loved white cunt in Rochdale and to give him a call ,I said ok but shes never had black,he said you know what they say once shes had black she never goes back , said have you done this before ,and he said many times but the first time in worsley woods that's why he was late ,sue said your cocks so big you hurt me he said he was sorry and only did it to wind up the guys ,sue said get it out and show me it now everyone has gone ,he said if you want to see it you get it out so sue got down on her knees and took his cock out and said god its huge it is like a yukka and tried to suck his bellend but it was to big so she just gave him a little wank and it was rock hard again ,look what you have done now you will have to fix it ,but that's another time and story need to say sue had him many many more times