Written by Sara1969

6 Nov 2017

I have over the last 18 months become what I think is known as a hot wife although I'm more of a hot girlfriend I guess.

First a bit of background.

I'm 47 with adult kids. I was married at 19 to my first boyfriend and divorced at 34 having been a faithful wife.

I decided not to get tied down at that point especially as the kids were teenagers and I didn't want a another man to take them on.

So I started to have a bit of fun with a couple of guys who had been flirting with me for years and basically found I really love sex. I mean really love it. It sounds strange to say that but it's important to say that some people assume women like me have issues and want to be loved etc. I don't. I am loved but I love sex.

I found in those first few years that I love all aspects of sex and that guys love "slutty" girls and that I love turning guys on as it turns me on too. It's such a rush sucking a guy and letting him cum in my mouth or if he is more dominant over my face.

So I had my fun. Found myself as they say and had a couple of semi serious relationships. Always faithful until I met Gary. The first night we fucked he asked me if I had ever been spit roasted as we were fucking. I hadn't and still haven't but it was clear he had an open mind to sex and loves to hear about ex boyfriends and what they did to me.

Anyway. That's set the scene and he has since that night encourged me to fuck other guys. There haven't been loads by the way. One guy on holiday an ex boyfriend an ex work colleague and a lad that we sold some furniture to. The last 2 are in their early 20s which he loved almost as much as me!

The latest adventure is the one I want to tell you about.

We are just back from a weekend in Worthing where he has some family.

On the Saturday we went out for dinner wth them and then headed back to our hotel at around 11.00. On the way back he asked if I fancied getting changed and hitting a club. I was instantly excited and agreed. I slipped oit of my jeans and into a sexy dress I had bought just in case and at his request a pink bra and g string combo he likes and heels.

We got to the club just after midnight and it was busy busy with booths downstairs and an upstairs bit as well where you can look down onto the dance floor. He immediately went to the gents and left me at the bar and as I'm sure he planned within 2 mins a young lad was chatting me up. Clearly pissed but still cute and funny. He flirted with me and them backed off when Gary came back although Gary put him at ease as he does. We took our drinks upstairs and stood looking down at the carnage below. I spotted my guy in a booth with some friends all doing shots and being boys. Gary was stood behind me pressed against my ass. I could feel his cock twitch as he kissed my ear and said "fancy some fun?". I said sure if you don't mind? I never mind he replied and kissed me again and now I could feel he was proper hard.

He then sent me back to the bar and watched from upstairs as my guy and one of his friends spotted me and came across to chat. He asked where my husband was and I said about but not to worry and he wasn't my husband. He said thats good to know and smiled pushing in closer as we got near the bar running his hand over my ass briefly then when I didn't object putting his arm round me and resting his hand on it. I daren't look up but could feel Garys eyes on us. I noticed him turning and smiling at his mate who patted him on the back. I didn't mind that. Boys will be boys after all.

I just got a drink for myself and when they had there's I let them lead me back to their booth. I stood at the end chatting with Steve as he turned out to be. The other guy sat down and whispered something to the others which made them laugh. Again I didn't mind. In fact just the opposite as I took it to mean they wanted me. Or at least thought that Steve did. After a few minitems another guy appeared. He was tall at least 6'5 and clearly worked out. He introduced himself as Andy and the 3 of us chatted for a while all the time Steve with his hand on my ass.

After 15 mins or so Gary appeared and Steve suddenly let go of my ass and started chatting to one of his mates. Gary just said to me I'm knackered and going to head back but you can stay if you want. Then he tapped Steve on the shoulder and asked him to look after me. He looked confused but nodded and Gary kissed me and left.

Andy joked with him that he thought he was a gonna when Gary came over and they laughed. I assured him Gary was very chilled out.

We chatted some more. His hand back in place and blatantly checking out my panty line. He leaned in and whispered "have you got naughty knickers on Jayne?" I smiled and whispered back "don't know about naughty but they are very small". He laughed and said "Good. You can keep them on when I'm fucking you later then" then he looked down and added "and the shoes" . I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered up close to his ear. "If that's what you want it would be rude not to" and I'm sure I heard him gasp before he just laughed and said "it's a deal then " . In the mean time somebody arrived with another round of shots including one for me. I finished it off and then Steve suggested it was time to leave and fo back to his. Andy and another lad were staying at his place as they were from Brighton. We shared a quick cab ride to his and when we got there i followed him to the kitchen to get drinks and the other 2 stayed in the lounge. Soon as we were there we were kissing.and he wasted no time sliding his hands under my dress and feeling my near naked ass. I squeezed his cock and still kissing him unzipped him and slid my hand in. He was already hard and I dropped to my knees and took it out and have him a 30 second suck all the time looking up at him. Then not wanting to get caught I stood up we fixed the beers and went to the lounge. We had been gone fare too long so the other 2 knew we had been up to something. I wentered to the bathroom and messaged Gary thay I was back at his place and about to get laid. He replied immediately with "Good girl. Have fun xx"

When I went back down Steve was organising a sofa bed for Andy while the other guy whose name I never knew went to the spare room. As Steve grabbed my hand to take me upstairs I glanced back and caught Andy staring at my ass. Soon as we were in the room we were kissing again and he told me how gorgeous I am and asked me my age. I told him and he said "fuck you're fit for 47" I asked him his and he said 24. I thought Gary will love that!

He quickly stripped and I slipped my dress off and we kissed some more before I he sat on the edge of the bed and I went down on him again. I genuinely love sucking a new cock and took my time. His hands on my head whispering how nice it felt. Then he stood me up turned me round and bent me over. Pulling my g string over and sliding into me. We fucked like that for a minute or 2 although he kept stopping. I thought because he didn't want to cum but then he laid down and his cock started to lose its hardness. I wentered to work on it with hands and then mouth again but it was gone and within 2 minutes so was he. Passed out!

I lay there for a moment then decided that was that and slipped my dress back on and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and Google a cab number and was still searching when Andy walked in wearing nothing but very tight boxers. .Not going to lie. I love a six pack and he is ripped! He smiled and asked why I was leaving so soon and I told him Steve had passed out so I was looking for a cab number. He was blatantly looking me up an down with fuck me eyes. He then said come have a night cap with me before you go and without thinking twice I agreed and went into the living room with him. We sat together on the sofa bed and he put his hand on my knee and said "it's a shame you picked Steve because I really wanted to fuck you too" I said "is that so? I guess it's too late to change my mind" he tilted my head back and whispered "absolutely not" then kissed me before pushing me back on the bed. We kissed for a minute taking our time. I kept running my hand over his tight shorts and teasing him a little then straddled him my dress round my waist already I pulled it off over my head and unclipped my bra. Then kissed some more as he explored my boobs before I slid down the bed slid his shorts off and released his very nice thick hard cock. For the second time in about half an hour I was sucking a new cock and determined to impress. He lay back watching me encouraging me. Telling me to suck his balls then see how much I could get in my mouth. I like the guy taking control like that. I got about half in and then with a little help from him a little more. He knew just when to stop so I wouldn't gag. Determined to impress I rolled onto my back and head over the edge and he got the message the bed was a bit too low really so he knelt over me and I managed to take a decent length and let him slowly fuck my mouth. After a minute he leant forward and slid a hand under my nix and rubbed my clit making me moan around his cock. Then he alternated with offering me his balls and cock all the time rubbing my clit. After abut 5 mins he pushed me back on the bed and climbed on me as I pulled my nix over and guided him in. He was big but I was soaking so he slid in with a couple of easy strokes then fucked me slowly at first before putting my ankles on his shoulders and getting in really deep and harder. We fucked like that for a while changing pace and how hard he was doing it. Then he stood up pulled me up and picked me up. I wrapped my legs round his back and we kissed for a bit before he carried me to an armchair and stood me down bent me over it and slid my nix off before entering me from behind. He started off slow again and the leant over my back and whispered in my eat "I asauce your husband or boyfriend or whatever he is knows you are here getting fucked?" I nodded and he said fair enough before standing and saying "he won't mind you going home with a red ass then" and proceeded to slap it hard as he was fucking me. I slid a hand between my legs and found my clit ashe continued to slap and fuck me and within 30 seconds I was cumming. My legs buckled a bit but he grabbed my hips and held me up still fucking me all the way through it. The sounds of my wet pussy and gasps filling the room. Then he guided me back to the bed and laid on his back and I straddled him fucking him slowly as I got my breath back little ripples of orgasm still running through me. He smiled at me and said "Steve doesn't know what he is missing you are an amazing fuck" I said "thanks I'm sure you'll let him know" and he laughed before rolling me onto my back and fucking me again. We fucked for another 15 minutes or so (drink obviously helped him in the right way!) Him taking control and throwing me all round the room and bed before straddling my chest and wanking his cock over my face covering me. I took my time thinking how Gary would love this as I pushed his cock round my face cleaning it up for a minute or two being the proper slutty girlfriend. Then he laid next to me. Told me again how good a fuck I am and that girls half my age could learn a thing or two. Then said right let's get yout that cab. So he called it while I got dressed and I went back to Gary and slowly told him the details as I wanked him. Then he turned me over and inspected my pink ass before cumming all over it.

I know it's a long story but wanted to share it wth you as I can't discuss what we so with friends. And I love my life as a hot girlfriend!