Written by noel

24 Jul 2007

I have been nagging my wife for her to have sex with a stranger while I watched. She was having none of it. So after a few weeks we were out for the night. She was wearing knee high stilleto boots Tiny denim mini and a tight white top with a large belt. I couldnt keep my eyes off her and Im married to her. Other blokes seemed impressed too. We were having a drink when my wife noticed some one looking over at her a lot. She started getting very horney with me then asked if I still wanted to see her get fucked by a stranger. My heart jumpt a beat and said yes why? She said a man was looking over at her a lot and she was getting very horney could she go to him. I said ok she said she will take him out the back find somewhere to watch if you want, I said I will go and meet you later. I left and saw her walk over to him. I closed the door and left her to get on with it.

After ten minutes I got cold feet and went back to get her. She was in the corner with him, he had his hand on her bum both had drinks and there was a lot of flerting from her. She was looking at him with her head down her eyes up, playing with her hair and just looking so slutty. I made eye contact with her after five minutes and over she came. She looked annoyed and told me to piss off or I would be lucky to have sex with her ever again.

Totaly pissed off and very annoyed I left and she just turnned round and went back to him. I cooled down after a while and thought this is what I want as much as she does so thought why am I being a woose just let her get on with it and go and watch, so I went out back and found a place behind a wall.

Did I feel stupid waiting there hoping no one sees me when out from the pub my wife came with this bloke. They were all over each other kissing touching and they moved over to the corner of the pub garden where they couldnt be seen by anyone,but me.

My wife was very passionate towards him and was kissing him a lot. He pulled her tits from her top and they just popped out pert. He felt her up alot and she slowly dropped downwards as both of them fought egerly to release his cock. Out it came and fuck that thing was big. I looked at mine and thought he is going to rip her hes that big. She put it in her slutty mouth and sucked on what she could. He pulled her up and went for entry. No condom just shoved it up her like he was in a rush. She was sitting on the edge of a table boots in the air either side of a stud giving her what she needed and deserved a really good fuck, the likes I couldnt give her with my cock.

They were bucking like a couple of rabbits when they suddenly stopped. She told him not to stop just fuck her,come in me, dont stop again. Then they kissed and started again but much harder than before. She was squeeling with that monster inside her then they both gasped and must have come together.

I found it too strange to wank hidden behind a wall so left and met her outside the pub. We went home and she asked me if I had seen anything, no I said I just waited across the road.She took out my cock and as she licked it told me all about what he did to her. I could hold back no more I put my cock in her,it was not half as tight as it was usually and very slimmy but I still added my load to her. She asked if she was a good girl could she get fucked by another massive cock sometime, I told her Its the least you deserve,she agreed cheeky cow.