Written by Gay4str8cock

10 Oct 2008

Wow - I was down my local park taking some fresh air after an argument with my family last week. The weather was not so bad, but no one about at all. I needed the toilet and i started to go behind a bush near the duck pond, when the park keeper came by and told me to zip it and go to the toilets. I was quite shocked by this, and ran immediatley to the loo in as i was very embasrressed. When i got to the toilet, i noticed it was not very inviting, stainless steel doors, and a dodgy light, but i went to proceed anyways, still there was nobody about. As i am always worried about using the urinals, i went to the only cubicle and finished my buisiness. I flushed, reading the ad\'s from men written all over the walls. As i left, i was startled by the park keeper stood directly infront of the cubicle door. He said \'i hope you havent been writing anything on these walls, is a criminal offence\', Shocked again, i pleaded i hadnt. The keeper forced me into the cubicle to inspect it, he pointed out a new advert that he hadnt noticed before. It stated, suck and blow, better then the shampoo, in and out in 60 sex call XXXXXXXXX. I again pleaded it wasnt mine, but as i did this, i felt a sudden force hit my shoulders as i hit to the toilet seat. He said to me \'\' lets see if its 60 seconds then shall we\'\'...with this he produced his 9 inches of pure thick cock. My cock was hard immediatley. It was amazing, the purfect bell end, slightly curved around the edges glistening in the poor light, with forskin, and tiny blue veins all over, his balls were unable to be seen in his thick wirey mass of pubic hair, and i could smell the pre-cum off his pants. as i looked up, i noticed his fine torso, with brown belly button hair rising upwards. I was absolutley amazed, i sat there is shock.

Until he said \'get to work\' and i tell you i did. sucking that fat juicy bellend making him go weak at the knees, hearing his manly panting, with his hands held tightly on the back of my head. This obviously wasnt good enough for him as he was tellin me deeper deeper, and i tried, i tried so hard, it was thicker the further down i got, he continued to grip my head, and started thursting his cock in and outta my mouth. I changed my position, and started to work his cock more, able to take it deep into my mouth and down my throat, my eyes waters and i heaved, i cut taste his precum on the back of my throat which enticed me more to get it deeper in, the deeper i went, the further my face hit into his thick bush. I could tell he was enjoyin it as he fell back onto the wall and let me continue suckin his cock, then without warning, he grabbed my hair, forced it back and came a healthy thick load into my mouth, there was loads of it, the remainder oozed out onto his work boots which i was instructed to lick off. He then told me to beat it.

A few days later, an electrician came to fix a problem in the house, he brought along a colleague, his part time handy man - the park ranger!!! I immediatley ran to my room and jerked off a huge load with the thought of his juicy cock in my mouth again!!