Written by Randy 'R'

27 Apr 2009

Last Xmas my husband and I along with eight friends went to one of these party nights at a local hotel near Dundee. There were about 150 people there all in tables of ten, either friends, works nights out or from clubs.

I had dressed in what my husband refered to as a \'fuck me outfit\', a dark blue and turquoise dress with matching high heals. Underneath I wore a blue and turquoise bra, thong and suspender belt with tan lace to stockings.

The party began with a meal during which the wine flowed copiously. Then the band started and it was party on! I had a couple of dances with my other half in between more drinks and a few dances with our friends.

Midway through the evening a couple of lads I guess in their late 20\'s came and asked me and my friend to dance; we are both early forties. I just love to dance and get really going when I have had a few drinks. Anyway we had a dance and then sat down again.

About 15 minutes later one of the lads, Dave, appeared back at our table and asked me to dance again. He was about six foot and very fit looking....just my type. We danced and I must admit I was flirting outrageously and really dirty dancing with this fit young hunk. He was certainly enjoying it touching me at every opportunity. After a couple of dances the music slowed and he pulled me towards him his hands starting to explore my body through my dress. He ran his hands over my suspenders a few times and was clearly getting turned on by the bulge appearing in his trousers. I must admit I was getting pretty turned on too.

He then offered to buy me a drink and we went and sat at a table. Within seconds he was rubbing up and down my thighs and easing my dress up. I pulled the table cloth over to conceal what he was doing form the others around the table. He was playing with my stockings tops and suspenders, making his way towards my now damp thong....god it was horny. I could feel his fingers starting to move my thong aside as he began to play with my shaven pussy gently slipping a finger into me. I began to rock gently on the chair, trying not to draw anyones attention as to what he was doing to me under the table. Finger fucking me with my husband sat only a few feet away. As he fingered me I rubbed his big hard cock through his trousers which made me even hornier and wetter. I was deperate to have his young cock in me.

I had to stop him before I got too carried away and made my excuses before heading to the loo. As I came out of the ladies Dave was waiting for me and pulled me into the disabled toilet, locking the door behind him. God I wanted him so badly, we began kissing passionately our tongues exploring each others mouths and our hands each others bodies. His cock felt huge and I knew I was going to have him. His hand was up my dress pulling my thong off so he could get at my very wet shaven pussy and his other hand was rubbing my tits. I pulled his cock from his trousers, god it was big, about 7\" and very thick. There was no time for foreplay, I sat him down on the toilet and then mounted his big young cock riding up and down as he sucked on my nipples.

I wanted to taste him, so I briefly stopped riding him and took his cock in my mouth, tasting my own juices as I did so. Dave then grabbed me and bent me over so he could fuck me doggy, my favourite position. I held onto the grab bar on the wall as he slammed his cock in and out. Looking to the side I could watch his cock in the mirror, god it was horny.

I could feel his cock getting bigger as he got close to coming....fuck me harder I pleaded....I want to come too...he went faster and harder before grunting and emptying his load in my now well fucked pussy.

He stuffed my wet thong in his pocket and told me they were his souvenir and mine was inside me!! Cocky young boy!!

I returned to the party for the last couple of dances and don\'t even think my husband had noticed I\'d been away, although one of my friends did. Although my husband when we got home did remark on how wet I was...if only he knew!!

A few days later I got a text from Dave asking me if I fancied coming to his works Xmas party night. It just so happened my husband was away on business so I was able to accept; I wanted more of his big young cock.

The evening was great fun, and both Dave and I had quite a lot to drink so were feeling very relaxed and by the middle of the evening. After a few drinks I got up to go to the toilet, catching Dave's eye as I walked past him. On my way back I noticed he was no longer with the crowd so decided to take a look outside. Dave was standing leaning on the back wall of the pub. He pulled me towards him and started to kiss me at the same time sliding his hand into my blouse to play with my very hard nipples. He then started to rub his hand on my bum and slide his fingers underneath my thong. My pussy was getting very wet and I was hoping his fingers would slide round my front. Without saying anything he pulled his hand out of my thong and led me back into the pub.

I sat back down on my seat with my pussy aching with desperation. I could feel the juices starting to drip into my thong and soon they were soaking. Dave then came over to sit beside me and discreetly slipped his hand up my thigh so that he could feel my wet thong. I was beside myself with lust and knew that I had to fuck him again that night.

Shortly after that the party broke up and we all wandered outside the pub. Not caring what people thought Dave and I got in a taxi and headed back to my flat. When we got into the taxi Dave pushed my skirt up my leg and started stroking my stocking clad thigh, playing with the suspenders. This made me moan with desire and I could feel my pussy get even wetter. He then undid the top couple of buttons of my blouse and started to play with one of my nipples. I could see the taxi driver watching us from his mirror, and I was really turned on to think that he could probably see my naked nipple being played with.

When we got to my flat we started to climb up the three flights of stairs. Dave walked up behind me and when we were about half way up he stopped me on the stair. He pushed me over to lean on the step and slid his hand between my legs from behind. His fingers slid underneath my thong and rubbed all round the rim of my very full clit. My tits were both hanging out of my blouse as I leaned towards the floor. I spread my legs as wide as I could and he thrust his fingers right up my pussy back and forward until I was groaning and moving back and forward in rhythm with his fingers. My juices started spilling all over the step as I tried to walk up the stairs.

Once inside the flat, he took off my blouse and started to suck my hard dark nipples whilst standing in the hall. He then took off my black lace bra and again slid his fingers right inside my pussy causing my juices to start running down my thighs. He finger fucked me until my juices were dripping down onto the carpet, then took me through to the bedroom, pushed me down on the bed and pushed my skirt right up round my waist. He put his head between my legs and ran his tongue round the edge of my clit licking all the juices and making me groan with lust.

By this time I was absolutely desperate for a fuck but he still had all his clothes on. He eventually took his t-shirt off to reveal an incredibly fit and toned chest. I couldn't wait to see his cock again. I wasn't disappointed. He took down his trousers and boxers to reveal the largest and hardest throbbing cock I have ever seen. He pushed my legs wider open and thrust his cock inside my pussy. He started off fucking gently and after a few minutes, took his cock out and pulled me up off the bed. He then sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me forwards so that his cock was completely covered by my mouth. I sucked it slowly then quickly, riding my mouth up and down until he pulled it out and pulled me on top of him thrusting his cock back into my pussy. He fucked me really hard filling me up with his fat swollen cock. I begged him to fuck me harder as he did I came all over him, fuck he was good. He flipped me over and slid into me from behind riding me really hard getting faster and faster until with a load groan he splashed all his cum up me. As he pulled out I took him in my mouth and greedily licked the last drops from his still hard cock before licking it clean…yummy!

That was the last time I saw him….but the memory lasts,,,what next?