Written by dirty denise

13 Dec 2011

Had to get this on paper as soon as I could. We went for christmas drinks at Cloud 23 in manchester. All the big wigs were there, from the place where I work. I had on my wooly dress, black tights and knee length boots. Plenty of leg was on show.

The drinks were flowing and I had been up to dance a few times with one of the older guys.{I an 26}. When he got me up to dance again he asked if I would like to go to his room. Why not I thought, would love to see what the rooms are like.

When we got to the room he poured us drinks and we both sat down on the sofa. He was looking at my clad legs, he placed his hand on my knee and stroked it.Rubbing it gently,gradually moving up my thigh.His hand went under my dress and found my fanny, it was soaking. He was trying to finger me through my tights, the friction off the nylon was making me horny as ever.

I leant forward and slipped my dress off, unhooked my bra and lay back down dressed only in my tights. He was still pushing my tights up me. My hand found his crotch and a very hard penis, not big but very hard. I pulled the zip down and released it. I was playing with the head of his penis, dragging my nails over the bell end.

"I want to fuck you with your tights on" "just fuck me, I need to be filled with your cum" I pulled my tights down just over my bum and opened my legs enough for hin to enter me. It felt so tight.I pulled my tights back over my bum and pulled them up at the front so his balls were inside them. I had never kissed an older guy, but he was gentle and I loved the way he used his tongue in my mouth. "Touch your tits, I want to come while you are pulling on your nipples" I got hold of them and pulled them, they were like bullets. This was to much for him and he fired all his come up me, he was coming that much that I had an orgasm.

We lay there together for a while, then he pulled out of me. I pulled my tights back up, and dressed.He didnt say anything as I walked out of the room. All I could feel was loads of warm spunk oozing from my fanny.

Another party next week, if you are about look for me.