Written by johncristo

22 Apr 2010

Following on from part 2, this is the final part.

I had been to the off licence and stocked up on a few drinks not knowing what Dave would like. Sue came in, came right up behind me and said I have something lovely to wear tonight and went up stairs for a shower, time was getting on as it was now 1 O’clock. Sue shouted out for me to come upstairs and there before my eyes was Sue lay on the bed asking me to make sure she was shaved completely below. I got the razor and pretended to find a few strays of hair and started to just put a bit of pressure on her clit as I parted her lips, she just bucked and came as I said your very excited about this meeting aren’t you? She then came out with the fact that she noticed when they were in the bar that his cock looked very impressive but quite thick by the looks of his jeans and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. I rammed 3 fingers right up her as she shook, I said not long to wait now and left her in a state of arousal as I said I was going to the pub to meet him.

Dave was a good looking lad, much younger looking than his age of 37, we had a drink and chatted about this and that, He was looking at his watch and said god I’m so nervous, I have never done this before. I then admitted that this had been a long term fantasy of ours and this was the first time for us, his jaw dropped saying so you haven’t done this before? I confirmed we wanted to find someone who we could trust who Sue felt comfortable with and have round the house when we wanted some fun and hoped he would keep things confidential, he said that goes without saying. As we finished our drink Dave said so what are you expecting, I just said I wanted to watch her having fun with another male in my presence and told him she can cum so many times that a relaxing day and evening were in order and I assured him he had nothing to worry about with me being around. I then said shall we go and see what happens.

We got to the house and I could see Dave was nervous, I said look lets go in, I will leave you two to talk. As we entered the house there was a lovely smell of candles etc and I called out, Sue came running out of the kitchen, she had a skirt about 2” above the knee a low cut v neck jumper and a fantastic pair of high heals, she came up to me and gave me a hug then turned to Dave and did the same and said you have me so excited. I then told Sue to calm down as Dave was very nervous I think you better take things easy, she then said we are all very nervous with it being the first time, she looked at Dave and said to me watch, she then gave Dave a long lingering kiss, broke away and said is that better as she kissed him again, with one eye he looked over to me as I winked, this in turn made him put his arms around her to reciprocate and he started to move his hands all over her body, she went down on her knees and started to unbuckle his belt and zip and out came a cock that was 6” and growing with her touch, she rapped her hand around it but couldn’t close the link between finger and thumb as she started to watch it grow more as she put her mouth over it, this lasted for a few seconds when suddenly she broke away, went over to the back of the suite lifted her skirt and said fuck me now I need to relax as well, Dave looked at me as I said I think she means you! He went over holding his cock that was at least 9”and as thick as a females wrist and started to tease her as he stroked it up and down her slit, she was pushing back trying to get it inside her as he said he would take it easy as not many women have had his full length up them, he then started easing it in, she came out with o my god darling look at what is happening as she held my hand and blew me a kiss. I knelt on the arm chair as I watched Dave slowly push inch after inch into her pussy till it was up to his balls, her lips looked as if they were an elastic seal holding his piston in place he held it there and was breathing heavily as if he was just about to come with the excitement. Sue looked over her shoulder and said you don’t know how long we have waited for this moment for my husband to watch another cock slide into my pussy. Dave seemed to be in a trance, I asked him if he was ok and he seemed to come out of it saying this is amazing. Sue then said to me as well as Dave, now we have got rid of our nervousness will you fuck me I need to cum. We all seemed to laugh and relax as he put his hands on her hips and started, so you want me to fuck you then, Sue was begging for it as he slowly with drew and then pushed it back in, this went on for quite a while and you could hear how wet she was as Dave started to speed up, he was building up a good tempo, slamming into her hearing there bodies slapping together. Sue held my hand saying he’s fucking me darling I want him to cum inside me. This seemed to answer a question Dave had on his mind and didn’t need to ask he started to talk out aloud. So you want me to fuck you harder? You want my spunk? Sue said o yes give it to me, he was fucking the life out of her and suddenly pushed so hard that Sue’s feet left the floor as he jerked in spasms as he came inside her. Sue just kept saying o my god o my fucking god that was wonderful. As he slid his cock out I went round to see her pussy stretched gaping open and seeing spunk dripping out of her as well as down her inner legs, she stood up but was unsteady so I guided her round the suite and told her to lie down on the rug, as she did this I told Dave to let her suck his cock clean, as she took it in her mouth she winked at me as I drove my cock right up her, I didn’t last long as you can imagine but the site of everything that had happened was to much and I added my spunk. We all took a breather and relaxed all naked in the lounge knowing we had more fun to come later. It was then that Sue asked if we could go out for a meal as she didn’t fancy making anything but also wanted to show off her new clothes and tease us. So Dave and I got our clothes on as Sue went upstairs, she wasn’t long when she came back down with a long dress with a slit up one leg right up to her hip, showing her long legs and high heals, we were gob smacked saying no I haven’t had a shower, I want to keep all the smells and stains on me I have acquired over the last few hours and later you can fuck me again. I won’t bore you with the details of the restaurant, all I will say is we were all horney as hell as she let her slit of her dress show off her hold-ups to others.

When we got home we wanted to just rip her clothes off and fuck her, but she had other ideas, she pushed us away and told us to get the wine open and to come into the lounge. When we came in Sue had put some music on and was lying on the floor, her dress open exposing her pussy, telling us to sit down and watch, she started too finger herself and making herself cum as she talked about wanting to be fucked later, then she started to ask us do you remember the Emmanuelle films where she gets trained to accept sexual situations I new what she was talking about but Dave hadn’t a clue. Suddenly she picks up the remote and switches on the TV and suddenly there is the DVD playing where the boxer has won and his prize and is to fuck her. She then faced the TV got on her hands and knees raised her dress over her arse and said fuck me like that! Do what you want with me I am yours to be used and pleasured! We had are cocks out and started to fuck her taking turns, she was looking over her shoulder telling us not to cum! Make sure you pleasure me and use me for your own satisfaction, make me cum but more importantly she wanted to feel our cocks side fully up to our balls before withdrawing on the strokes. We did this for over half an hour swapping places when we thought we were about to cum, we talked dirty to her as we fucked her and fingered her arse which made her scream in delight. We were getting to the point of no return when Sue said stop, got up and moved into the dinning room. Now just to paint the picture we have a 10’ solid wooden dinning table that is very strong. Sue then rested her arse on the edge of the table swung her dress open and said now fuck me, I got there first knowing this was part of the Emmanuelle films where she is taken on a table for the males pleasure. I fucked her with all the stamina I had left and came all over her pussy. Dave was next and he lifted her legs above his shoulders and started to fuck her so forcefully, he was getting so deep in this position and she was moving her head from side to side (in her mind I think she was imagining being raped) as she came over and over again, I started saying that’s it girl take it like the teasing slut you are! this bought Dave to the final climax of the night and he came with so much force that his cum was squeezing out around the sides of his cock making a vacume noise, running all over her lips showing masses of white fresh spunk on the table. When he withdrew I realised we had not cum in her mouth all day, I scooped a load of cum out of her gapping pussy on to my fingers and proceeded to make her lick them clean, she was sucking on them like there was no tomorrow mean while Dave pulled her dress off, got on the table sitting astride her chest and squeezing her breasts around his cock having a tit wank saying you’ve got this to clean later and smeared his cock all over her face.

Dave stayed the whole weekend and although we had some fun on the Sunday we were too knackered to do much as Sue’s pussy was sore. He is now our long term friend who we have over every two or three weeks and intend to go on holiday with this year.

As for us, it seems strange to say, but we have become so much closer after this event than what we ever thought possible,