Written by Gmax

15 May 2013

I am a married bi curious guy, have only ever played with one other mans cock, that was my friends, but that was a long time ago.

Yesterday I dropped my wife and her friend off at Heathrow.

They were going to spend a three nights break in Europe, leaving me on my own for a while.

I had already planned my time alone, I had secreted a pair of her sexy panties and my nipple clamps in my jeans for the ride to London

After dropping them of at Terminal three, I hit the M4 West road back home.

Just outside of the Services I pulled in and made for the toilets where I could take off my pants and boxers and put on my wifes sexy panties.

Taken off my tee shirt, leaving my shirt open and free to air my nipples, with the occasional nipple clamp in place as I drove down the M4.

I knew where I was going.

Taking the turn off at Swindon, I headed off across towards Cirencester and Gloucester.

Just before ****** there is a Park and toilet sign. I pulled in for a quick pee, not knowing what to expect. Some cars were parked up and I noticed a van with a couple of guys sitting in it.

Inside, I dropped my jeans pulled my panties to one side, pulled out my prick while trying to have a piss, It wasn't long before some one came in!!

Two guys from the van arrived and stood either side of me.

"Nice panties and cock you have there." one said.

"Mind if I hold it for you," he asked. "No problem." I replied

He grabs my penis and starts kind of making a stroking motion with my penis between his fingers. It wasn't long before I was hard with precum dribbling from the end.

"It is a really nice cock you have," he says.

"What do you think Dave." he said to his mate. Dave agreed,"Nice one Tom.".

Dave moved behind me and pushed his hands under my shirt and began playing with my nipples. Now my nipples and breasts are very sensitive as over time I have used my wife's hand cream to make them soft, pulling them to make them erect.

Dave played with them, pulling and twisting them hard making me moan. My nipples soon became hard and erect under his touch.

"Are you OK if we go back to the van,"said Tom. "Yes." I replied.

We walked back to the van and Dave opened the back door. Inside they were well prepared with a matteress and blankets laid out.

They quickly undressed me just leaving my little panties on. Dave pushed me down onto my hands and knees, grabbing my head and ran his cock around my lips.

I have only ever had one cock in my mouth before, that was my best mates some time ago. His cock was massive and I stopped and stared in awe as it bounced right in my face. The massive head was huge with the opening in the tip. There was a clear liquid oozing out of the hole. It must be at least ten inches long, if not longer. It looked as big around as my wrist.

I started under, actually kissing the wrinkled, hairy skin of his testicles. I covered the sack with light kisses and then I kissed my way up the shaft of his very intimidating penis. His penis began to throb more violently as I kissed it and with each throb more of that clear fluid oozed out and covered the large knob at the top of the shaft. By the time I had kissed my way up the shaft that fluid was beginning to run down the sides and my lips were coated with it by the time I had kissed my way to the tip. "Thats it bitch." Dave said, "Your going to take it all in a minute."

Tom's hands were playing with my arse and ball sack, stroking my hardening cock. I felt his fingers moving down my crack and one of them began to penetrate me. I was completely dry of course and I grunted in pain as his large finger was forced into my anus. He then removed his finger.

I then felt something cold on my anus as he lubbed me, before I could say or do anything Tom's fingers, again, were pushing into my arsehole. He then knelt down behind me, his cock running up and down my crack, finally finding my puckered anal hole. He quickly slid on a condom, rolling it along his cock. He gently eased into me, past the first ring forcing my shpicter muscle open. He then pushed on into my arse burying his prick deep within my bowels, his balls resting against my buttocks. He wrapped his arms around me, searching for my breasts and nipples, roughly tugging on them and twisting them hard, making me moan and groan, calling me his slutty bitch.

I was finally being "spit roasted." and enjoying it.

I opened my mouth and for the first time since my friends cock, I was sucking on another cock. I wrapped my lips around the thick, wet knob and slowly, carefully began to slide them down the shaft. He watched patiently for several minutes as I tried to suck on the first few inches of his penis that I was able to force into my mouth. I was gagging on Dave 8 inch cock as he face fucked me, forcing his cock deep down my throat.

Reaching up, with my left hand up I cupped his testicles and began moving my right hand rapidly up and down his shaft. I moved my lips back to the head and as soon as I did I felt the first stream of hot sperm hit the back of my throat. I couldn't help it. I gagged. But I

didn't pull away and I didn't stop what I was doing, my mouth fill up with Dave's hot ejaculation, I managed to swallow most of it as the rest ran down my chin.

Tom was steadily forcing his cock in and out of my arse, I could feel it throbbing, so I knew he wasn't far off from filling me with his hot spunk. Finally, grabbing and digging his fingers deep into my hips hard, He unleashed his wad deep into the condom filling my bowels. As he pulled out he emptied the condom over my arse and cock. I could feel the hot spunk running around my cock and balls.

After getting dressed we exited the van, they gave me their phone number saying if I ever wanted a repeat to get in touch.

I drove home with the taste of Dave's spunk in my mouth, and a load still leaking from around my arse. On getting home, I took a long hot shower, pulling on my cock until I finally shot a stream of spunk up and over my chest