Written by can accommodate man

17 Oct 2009

I had arragned to meet my mate Steve for a lunch time drink, and a chat at about 1.30pm in one of my local pubs, during the course of the morning, he text me to say he might bring a woman with him was that ok with me ? to which i text back ...No probs.

Just before 1.30pm i drove to the pub and just as i was getting out of my car Steve and this lady where walking in the pub, we said our hello`s and he introduced to me to this lady who i will call Jenny.

Now Jenny was about 42/45yrs long brown hair quite attractive, about 5`4\"tall with a large bust, would say about size 10/12........Steve went and got the drinks we where all drinking soft drinks as we were all driving lol.

Whilst Steve was at the bar i started to talk to Jenny who had been to the gym, and she seemed a very nice lady....When Steve came back with the drinks, what i was about to hear i was not expecting......Steve just came out and said ...oh by the way Jenny wants us to fuck her this afternoon is that ok with you, he said, well i thought is the pope catholic?....I said that is fine with me.

We talked for a while and then decided to go back to my house as it was empty......When we arrived at mine Steve did not waste any time told Jenny to go up stairs and get your clothes off, which she did, and we followed up stairs.

We get to my bedroom and all undress, Jenny gets on the bed on her back and Steve and i start to play and kiss these lovely tits and yes they where big, i then start to finger her pussy and boy was she wet, me finger fucking her she did not take long to cum, and she squirted over my hand, and that was nice, by this time she was giving Steve a good BJ so i went down on her to give some oral she tasted very sweet, and i could tell she loved it.

We then changed over, Steve was now fucking her and she was giving me a very good BJ, you could see she just love having two cocks and she was enjoying every minuite of it, now my turn to fuck her, and yes she was very good....Both Steve and i are not small in that department, so we gave her as good as we could give, then it was all change again, but this time Steve produced a small butt plug, he was fucking her doggy, she giving me another BJ and he has now got the butt plug in her arse, him fucking her, she has my cock in her mouth and him using the butt plugg on her, she must have come at least 3 times, then Steve deciceds to put his cock in her arse and give her arse a good fucking, well when he put his cock in there she nearly bit my cock off, but he went for it, she now moaning out quite loud, telling him to fuck her harder, all she kept saying was fuck me fuck me, then we changed round again, now my turn, so i say, i think you need another cock in your arse, i und and i have to say my cock went in her arse nicely, and it felt good so i started fucking her arse for all it was worth, and she could not get enough, whilst i`m doing this, Steve decideds a bannana split, she sat on his cock and i fucked her arse, now that is horny me fucking her arse him fucking her pussy, i have to admit it was hard holding back the cum, but she got a very good fucking from us both and she wanted more.

By this time it was almost 4pm, we both deciced she needed filling up with cum, and as she liked doggy so much, only fair to give to her, Steve went first, and boy did he fuck her, she was screaming fuck me you bastard, then she screamed out i`m coming i`m coming, he then filled her up with spunk, and she turned to me and said now you, i got round as quick as possibale, put my cock straight in her pussy and could feel Steve`s spunk, then i banged away, again she shouted out she was coming, and then i could feel her jucies over my cock, that was it for me i had to let go and cum inside her, i shout out i`m coming and pushed my cock deep in her, and came, there was loads of it, and she put her finger inside her scooped the cum out and started to lick it.....we sat around for a while, and she thanked us, to which we replied no, thankyou.....When they both left, she made a point to us both that she wants a repeat, and maybe an extra cock or two.......Cant wait, oh i did ask the size of her tits they are 38dd.......What a horny bitch