Written by Paulrcouple

23 Dec 2010

We went out for the night nothing much happened went to reflex eighties bar Jane as been lucky in those bars had a few dancers nothing much a young lad had a quick group on the dance floor she said she could feel his cock against her pussy as he held her bum checks bit of a kiss. She came back to the bar said she thinks shes pulled he came to the bar blanked her probably because i was there next thing he was out the door.

So we went back to the hotel bar the young lad was just closing the bar he said we could have a quick one. He said on your own tonight yes i said he smiled as he said it. I said to Jane he knows what we get up too how Jane said well we have had a couple and a young lad back in the bar with us hes on reception and the bar he will see it all the time i said would you hes not bad see if he says something Jane went to the toilet he came talking to me and said Jane looked very nice i said i think so you want to see her stripped of he smiled i said come up to our room later its more than what my jobs worth with all the cc tv cameras i watched your wife and the other girl in the lift kissing and feeling each other well what about room service no they can tell how long i have been in the room.

Jane came back to the bar i said what was you and Ann up to in the life they were all watching you on cc tv Jane went bright red i said he he says you have got to give him a blow job no i didn't so you don't want one i didn't say that as well.He got us both a drink i thought you were closing no one for the road i am ok for one when i close the talk got a bit naughty i said i like to watch Jane and Jane likes to watch me the atmosphere was electric.

Jane was sat at the opening to the bar he was standing in it Jane started playing with him over his trousers then his hand went up Jan's skirt she opened her legs slightly his finger was in her he said he had to lock the hotel door till the night porter came. He came back and said there is only one place to go in the corner in the dinning room next to the bar he got Jane on the table laid back it was dark we could not see his cock she was sucking me and he had just started to get a nice rhythm going and the fucking door bell went. He pulled out quick to the bar its the night porter he came back to us and said room service i will risk it.

we waited ages hes not coming then there was a knock on the door he came in with a bottle of wine he said he had to wait till the night porter had gone from reception so he could turn two cameras of the one on our floor and the one in the lift. I turned round from putting the drinks down and Jane was on her back with his head in between her leg she was already stripped off. Jane said are you not getting undressed he took his white shirt of black tie then his pants his cock was a nice size about 7 inches it bent up and rock hard Jane sucked it for a bit then said feel this its solid is it ok yes hes said but i wont touch you that's ok i got hold of it sank to my knees and started suck i could taste the pre cum.

Jane got him on the bed on his back and mounted him i sucked it once more opened Jane's pussy lips and rub his end on her clit then she sat back and it was in Jane was bouncing up and down on him i love to see her tits bounce like that check our pics on our profile then a moan from him a big white pearl running down his cock Jane rolled off i gave is cock a suck got as much cum in my mouth i just love that sucking a cock when its been up Jane pulled her by her ankles to the edge of the bed entered her french kissed her so she could taste the cum i did not last long just enough time to boil an egg.

He was already dressed said good night the wine was on the house.

Next morning at breakfast we both had a smile as we sat on the next table to were he first got Jane it was a table for four a little lad found a pair of knickers on the chair don't know were they came from. The sex in the room took 15 minuets at the most but it was good we never saw the lad again he had two days off but we stay in that hotel often so they might be another story next year