Written by Mark

26 Jan 2014

As I told you in my other posting I had found out about my wife Lu extramarital affair

Now looking back on it, it was wired how we cooped with me finding out, I may of said before if it happened that would be the end of us but it didn't work like that at all

We where both very adult about it there was no rows jumping up and down shouting at each other we talked about the situation it took me a day or two to get over the shock

The other wired thing was we had sex that night I found out and that was the most amazing sex we have ever had not jest for me but both of us Lu admitted that and said it really turned her on to do it with me after she been with him, I have to say the next time we had sex she was a lot more responsive than normal but I didn't get that added excitement I had that night when I followed another man, I am sure that played a very big part in me given her permission to carry on seeing him the thought of that being repeated

There was still a lot of things I didn't know about, as we talked little things came out like my impression at the time was this was the first time it had happened that night I was thinking she may of been out with him but that was the first time sex had taken place It surprised me to find out Lu had been sleeping with him for some time more like two mouths before that, and more surprising he was a friend of another lover I didn't know or she didn't say she been past on to him by his friend almost or he was still in the background (more about that later)

It strange you think you know some one you have lived with for years and you find out you don't at all,Lu was now starting worry about me me it seemed I had asked her to more open with me and tell me how she felt and wanted to do I did convince her I wanted her to carry on, after that she seemed happy but I didn't think she understood my reason nor did I

I wanted to know about this guy, she wasn't to forth coming his name was Chris and divorce and some ten years younger than her, the question was what is he like in bed I wanted to know if he was better than me, she was quite vague in her reply, yes he was good in bed a very energetic lover I asked if he was better endowed than me all she say was a bit

Lu had made a date to see him she was quite open in telling me, so she was calling my bluff, I was fine up the evening she was going to meet him Lu was getting ready I went up to our bedroom she was in very sexy lingerie finishing off her makeup, she looked bloody sexy it was all matching in light blue I looked at the thong she had on it was very tight over her crouch I could see the outline of her pussy lips, I thought of the cock which will be forcing it way inside them soon I wondered how much bigger than me he was I was pretty sure he had a larger girth than me by the way she been stretched that time I bet he be longer as well plus he is about eighteen years younger than me most likely fitter

Lu put on a dress that was figure hugging tight fitting with a split up the sides, I said are you going out in public like that she smiled and said no jest to Chris's house I said he be impressed wearing that for him she pursed and said hope so, I I would be I replied so there jest be the two of you Lu hesitated looked at me and said Chris may have a friend there for a drink it seemed a bit strange to me, I put my arm round her she said no you got to wait your turn later, given me a sexy smile

At seven she left as she left she look a pitcher, I looked down as she kissed me on the cheek she was showing a lot of cleavage for my wife she was like a diffident woman

I was after the door shut and he car drove off did reality hit me, what I was letting my wife do it was like she left for good a it was like lonely feeling almost but as the evening wore on I wonder what she was doing what was happening, the thought of her taken another mans cock also aroused me, funny thoughts started to happen I hope she taken her pill that was another thing that came out she had gone back on the pill I had the snip years before it was a long seven hours before I heard her car pull up it was gone two o-

clock by then

I went to the hallway as she came in, we jest looked at each other at first, her hire was not as tidy as it had been makeup slugged a little she look a little tired but a smile broke out on her face we hugged then kissed it was passionate I got an after taste in my mouth I found out later what it was

I flowed Lu into the lounge I noticed a damp patch on back of her dress from where she been sitting in the car I thought Jesus his given her a load this time I didn't think she had any ides there was a damp patch

Lu slopped onto the sofa the splits in her skirt showing a lot of leg she had a ladder in one stocking, I sat with her and said it looks like you had a good time she said Christ yes you didn't have to wait up I would of woke you as she hugged me we kissed again and that taste was there I got a whiff of spunk on her breath this time I knew then what the taste was she sucked him off a thing she never done with me she go down on me but finish me by hand

Lu whispered lets go to bed, we went up once in the bedroom she was all over me Iv not seen her so keen in years she was tugging at my cloths as she wriggled out of her dress, she got me down to my pants she could see the bulge I had got she puts the flat of her hand on it and whispered it makes you horny darling when your wife in naughty I gasped back yes

We where both on the bed she still had the thong on, as I pull it up we both under it it is soaked with cum we get it off, I slip a finger inside there is masses in there but Lu wanted fucking she pulls me on top of her the end of my cock passes the lips her hole is gaping open it feels wider than last time and there is much more worm slime in her I start to fuck her after a little while it seems I doing something wrong I am almost pushed off her and end up on my back with Lu on top of me lots of couples do it like this we have Lu has always rocked herself hack and forth before by this time she some how was squatting on me and bloused up and down this was coursing a mas of sperm to come out of her all over me

She started fucking herself so hard it was hurting me she got herself off she like a wiled woman she jest couldn't keep that up in the end she was on her knees, but then she lifted up to far and I came out I was putting myself back in and the end went to far back and pressed on her bum hole she felt it and said you can if you want to

Well the back door has been a no no, she pressed down and it was like bud in spring opening I slipped in I was shocked to find her so loose and it was full of the same slime she been fucked up the ares that night it was jest to much for me being in there I unloaded much to her disappointment, she rolled off we lay together I was thinking is Lu sucked some off then he fucked her then her ares he must be a superior man I said this to Lu she asked what I meant I said Chris had you a lot of time tonight she hesitated and said I told you Chris's friend maybe there, I asked what she meant I was told he was

So you had both of them Lu looked as me and nodded, I said have you done that before to which she said a few times I did keep my cool there was a lot more going on than I been told about