Written by Tom

11 May 2011

This a story of a husband, that is me, being maybe a fool some would say for ending up in a mess like this a situation which I cant see a way out of, I think I am not unlike a lot of men having fantasies about there wife going with another man

Its not a new thing with me it gos back years, I had suggested it and got a no, other times told I am stupid or a perverted,and she never would, she only want me and so on, but then we had a very good sex life at it all the time, as the years past well that dropped off and the last couple of years its been a bit stale, the excitement slipped away

Now with hindsight, it was about a year ago, a friend of Heathers had an affair, and we where talking about that and Heather was telling me, her friends husband almost found out about it, I piped up and said lucky bugger, Heather said you wouldn't say that if it was me going behind your back would you, it was not mentioned for a week or two, and she asked one night, so you wouldn't worry if I found some one and sleep with them, my answer was no it wouldn't worry me, she said you say that now but if it happened it be a different Story

She turned it into a joke, maybe a month later the subject raised its head once more,by saying if I went out and got chatted up, that wouldn't make you jealous then, my replied was no not at all,Heather was saying it in a jokingly manner, I said you have changed you minded, you never entertain talking like that before, all she did was smile

It was quite a few weeks later, and no more had been said about it, and out of the blue, she asked, if it was alright if she had a girls night out with a couple of friends, it was a little unusual as it was rear for my wife to go out with out me, I said yes enjoy your self, it was going to be the weekend, little did I know at the time it was going to be the start of some thing that would change my life for ever,that was twelve months ago

Heather had her night out and came home a little tipsy, well this become a regular thing over a few weeks, now thinking back quite innocently I encouraged it,over the weeks there was changes, little things as time pasted,Heather had always been conservative in dress

Slowly that changed the prim and proper look went to a more reveling scanty look, at the time I was quite impressed with her look,I put it down to her friends, the ones I knew where more up to date with closes, the other thing her nights out got later as it went from a meal and go to a pub to clubs,she would tell me she had been chatted up and danced with men , we laughed about them coming on to her and how flattering it was for her, I was also getting a buzz out that in a funny way, there was a few months of this going on

The up side for me was Heather was more happy and the old sex life picked up

It was a sort time after this, I noticed Heather was a little bit more dressed up on her nights out, and now thinking about it a couple of time when she got back, when I asked about the night, she seemed a bit cagey, and with her going out it had become a thing where she would say this guy had come on to her or she danced with some one and there hands had been all over her, things like that, which got me horny and she would be willing in bed, but this time she would put me off saying she was tired, make an excuse

One night that come to mind, she was tipsy and I did get my leg over, at the time I thought she was very horny she was really wet, and I did imagine she fell looser than normal and on another night she wouldn't have it, and next morning she had a shower and came out with a dressing gown done right up and that night she switched the light off before she got into bed, it was some time the next week I got gimps of her getting dressed and there was a faded mark on one breast

If you are interested I will have to let you know more later