Written by xxxxxxxx

6 Jan 2012

The end of last summer me and the wife split up it seems we can't live together or apart

She had the idea if I moved out for a couple of months we have time to think and sort things out we where going to stay in contact, witch we have done by phone and we been going out together, I have to admit its worked we where really getting on I understand her a lot better now, I was house sitting a mates flat fifty miles away that's my only problem, we talked about thing and we where going to get back together this Christmas as my friend wanted his flat back

It got to the month before Christmas up to then I spent most weekend with Sue, but with run up to the holiday she got invited out firms dos girls nights out that sort of thing, so I got flogged off a few times we may go out for lunch over the weekend but that be about it, I was getting pissed off by that but didn't make a fuss as I was going to move back in

One Saturday we had lunch together and Sue said she is going out with the girls, so I left her about two in the afternoon, as I walked back to the car part, two of my mates came along and they wanted to go for a pint we ended up in a pub, drinking till seven,I was a bit pissed by then so thought get some thing to eat and get the train back, it didn't quite work like that I ended up back at the pub

As the evening went on, I had slowed down drinking as much and sobered up a bit, I was now with two guys I knew not friends jest knew them, Paul his white and James he is black

It was later on James asked if I wanted to go to a party,we have to get some booze, so off we go to an offy, then a taxi to a house, there was loads of people there most blacks, being half pissed I found a place to get out the way in a room I must of nodded off past out, when I came to the party had thinned out, the music was lower I do know, I was wondering about,and found Paul he pulled so wasn't interested in me, I needed the bog so upstairs I go and found it having a piss there was a bang on the door when I opened it a black guy stood there saying hurry up mate, he only got boxer shorts on, I pasted a bedroom door which was open, I stood at the door looking in on the bed was people as I looked on there was a white woman on her back getting shagged and another sucking a guy off, I have never seen sex only on films, this was for real, I was spell bound, the guy from the bog pushed past me and jumped on the bed leaving his boxes on the floor, it was like a film he started fucking the woman that was given the blow job

I look in another bedroom and much the same thing was going on, I had never been in a situation like this before, I ended up in the kitchen getting a drink, this black guy came in and said Iv jest had a phone call and the girls from the club be here soon now the place has thinned out, and a lot of the people had gone leaving mostly men,I went out into the garden to have a fag, by the time I went back in, it seemed the girls had turned up, the music had got louder and people dancing, as I watch all this I spotted my wife's best friend, she was doing a very sexy dance with two black guys, I thought Christ if she see me she tell Sue, I run back out to the garden, I then thought what fuck she doing here, so I am back in there and realized two more of her mats are there

So I am watching all this going on, and there a vice I jumped out my skin, it was James, you still her mate,he then said there be some serous fucking later there always is with this lot of slags, he looked over my shoulder and said are my woman's here now she do want black cock and lots of it, I looked round and there on the other side of the room was Sue my wife, I can't say how I felt but I think shock maybe the way to put it

We where five steps from the kitchen and I took them, as I did that James pushed his way cross the lounge to Sue, from where I was I could see them, she flung her arms round his neck and kissed him, he squeezed her bum with both hands pulling her cheeks apart, I watched as he found a armchair and pulled her onto his lap, her short skirt rid up letting ever one see her stocking tops, they snogged,James groped her feeling her tits then pushing a hand up her skirt in public almost, I looked on as Sue's legs parted for him fuck his fingering her, they had stopped kissing another girl stood by them saying some thing, she then bent and kissed James, I was shocked to see her next kiss Sue and she kissed her back,I had to step back to let people into the kitchen, one guy must of seen me staring, he said that Sue she sort of Jaime's woman he has her first, I was gobsmacked, I said so she come her a lot, he go's mmmm yes the last few months I would say think she married, she is like rest once they get blacked they want more and do any thing once they get mixed up with this lot, his got her and that Anne over there fucking each other, look they snogging now, I looked past him and Sue was snogging the other woman

I had to disappear into the garden as Sue's friend came into the kitchen with a bloke, they hung about for a time, by the time I got back to the doorway the three had disappeared, I couldn't go after them as Sue's friend was in the middle of the lounge and she would see me, a few minutes later she left with two black guys, so I could try to get upstairs, but I will tell you later