Written by burble

30 Jul 2011

Recently i suffered a back strain, went to a specialist who reccommended more exercise, and cycling would be ideal, so i went onto a well known auction site and bid on a very nice mountain bike and subsequently won the item, i agreed to collect fairly early on a sunday morning, when i arrived at the house i was promptly greeted by a fairly young guy still in his dressing gown, i would say mid 20s, we had a brief chat and the guy said he had got some other items if i was intersted, Cycling hat, Gloves & cycling shorts, the hat was to small, but i took the gloves, i said the shorts may be ok but would have to try them on, the guy said no problem use his bathroom, so we loaded the bike into the back of my car, and he kindly showed me upstairs to the bathroom.

i quickly stripped off and shoe horned myself into the lycra shorts, i had to take off my underpants to enable me to get them on [quite a struggle] somehow and it doesnt take much but my cock started to stiffen and wasn't long before i had a linford christie lunchbox, just then the guy tapped the door and asked if they were alright, i sort of mumbled trying desperatly to hide the buldge, i stepped out onto the landing to show him, as soon as i stepped out his eyes were fixed on my buldge, my cock was now throbbing and just getting rock hard, i could feel it pushing out the lycra, it was so embarrasing, i was trying to turn away but then the guy said, my you are big, i thought at first he meant just my general size but he then said he wished his cock was like that, i joked and said it gets in the way sometimes, then to my surprise he asked if he could see it, by now i was getting real turned on, i put my hand down and levered my now rigid cock out, pre cum starting to seep out.

he then put his hand out and started gentley stroking it, by now it was jerking/jumping all over the place, he then went down on his knees and took me in his mouth, wispering he had never done it before?? he sucked on my cock like never before, i said to stop otherwise he would end up with a mess, he muttered "thats what i want" that was it!! i thrust forward and held his head pushing back and forth, he took it full length down his throat, i said i'm cumming, i'm gonna cum but he just kept on sucking like mad, i give one final thrust and exploded, he never flinched just went up and down my shaft untill i was completley drained, my legs had gone like jelly and i was shaking, this was by far one of the best blow jobs i have ever had, i paid him for the shorts and gloves and left.