Written by Greg

1 Mar 2011

I have just returned after a week in Malaga. It got off to a bad start when I arrived at the airport, screaming brats everywhere, I hadn't realised it was half term. I had booked at the last minute, travelling alone after splitting from my wife just after Christmas. I'd been hoping I might pick up a girl during the week and although some of the mums were quite yummy not much chance with kids and partners in tow. I'd married to young and here I was at twenty seven, single and care free again.

I was sitting in departures, watching the world go by when I noticed a woman, standing by herself, back to me. Slim, about 5' 6”, wearing quite tight trousers, covering a lovely pert little bum. Things were looking up, she turned slightly, nice tits not to big about a hand full. She turned completely, I could see her face, older than I first thought, forty five maybe older but still attractive. I kept glancing over at her, you know that niggling feeling you know someone but can't quite place where from or who they are. My flight was called and she also got up to board still unaccompanied. I followed getting right behind her and smelled her perfume. It was that which I think triggered my memory and I immediately recalled who she was. I hadn't seen her for about thirteen years, memories flooding back of her in shorts, tennis or hockey skirts, remembering lovely shapely legs, my cock stiffening at the thought. I'd had many a wank fantasising over her as a teenager when she had been a PE teacher at my school for the first three years I was there. On the plane we were a row apart but just before take off one of the cabin crew asked if I would move to allow a family to sit together and I ended up next to her. She looked up, her face practically in my crotch, as I stretched to shove my bag in the locker, hoping my still semi hard prick wasn't noticeable. she smiled as I sat next to her, no hint of recognition. I suppose hundreds of kids had attended the school and she had no particular reason to remember me.

We chatted during the flight, she told me her name, Julie asked where I was staying, why I was travelling alone, the same reason as her, recently separated she said. At the airport, after we'd collected our bags we boarded the bus to the hotels. We reached hers first and as she got up to leave she turned and said “I know you probably won't want to but I wondered if you'd like to go out for dinner with me tonight” she gave a little embarrassed laugh and said “Here's my mobile number. Give me a ring if you want to, and don't mind being seen with me” Before I could accept she was gone. Dinner with her was preferable to eating alone then going on the piss hoping to pick some tart up. OK she was about 20 years older, but attractive. I didn't think there was much chance of fucking her but if her body was half as good as I remembered, she was definitely fuckable. I got settled in to my room ringing her about an hour later arranging to meet her in her hotel bar.

Showered and shaved I met her in the bar. Hell she looked gorgeous, a tight short, halter neck dress, showing off legs which looked as good as I remembered, backless no sign of a bra, hard nipples poking through the material. I had to make some quick trouser adjustments to try and hide my growing erection. We had a couple of drinks then through to the restaurant, me slightly behind admiring her arse, noting the top of her thong and bum crack just visible at the back of her low cut dress. She was knocking back the wine, well ahead of me, chattering away, resting her fingers on my arm, smiling and laughing at my jokes. After our meal, back to the bar, sitting on barstools her dress riding up high as she crossed her legs, a glimpse of her thong stretched tight over her pussy. She saw me looking and lent forward, mouth close to my ear. “I've been meaning to ask you since we were on the plane. Have you got a big cock? It looked quite big when you put your stuff in the locker” I probably started to go red and sort of stammered a reply along they lines of not having had any complaints. “I like a nice big hard cock. Is yours big and hard?” Fuck knows how much she'd drunk but she wasn't talking very quietly and I could see several people were listening. I didn't get a chance to reply before I felt her hand on my thigh, moving towards my straining prick. Leaning even closer she started stroking and squeezing my prick, licking her lips suggestively. She took my hand and placed it on her knee, then uncrossing her legs, leaving them parted, whispered “My pussy is soaking have a feel. I think it wants a nice hard cock” She guided my hand to her thigh, between her legs until my fingers were touching the material of her thong. “Go on have a feel. Don't you think it needs a nice hard cock?” she breathed huskily. I got down from the stool, shielding what I was doing, pulling her thong to one side and touched her pussy. She was right, her cunt was soaking, I ran a my fingers along her gash and pushed two in her hole. She shut her legs trapping my fingers in her cunt and said “Let's go up to my room I need a fuck” I thought I was going to cum in my trousers.

She led the way to the lift , wrapping her arms round my neck, rubbing her body against my hard cock, saying that it felt ready to poke her. In to her room, she reached behind her neck undid the halter top dropping the front revealing her firm perky tits. She pushed the dress down, dropping it to the floor, standing just wearing the thong and heels, watching as I undressed. As soon as I was naked she took hold of my erection, wanking my cock, kissing my neck and chest, working her way down until my prick touched her face. She parted her lips and stuck her tongue out, pressing my cock flat against my stomach she licked my balls then took them in her mouth sucking and teasing them. I felt one of her hands between my legs, a finger probing then being pushed in my arse as she ran her tongue up the underside of my cock. The sensation was exquisite as she licked around the glans then took my prick in her mouth, pushing her finger deeper up my arse. As her head moved up and down sucking my cock she pushed her finger in and out of my arse. I was soon in danger of cumming and pulled her to her feet and we both fell back onto the bed. I needed time to let my cock recover before fucking her, I was so close to cumming and pulled her thong off and spread her legs. She was completely shaved except for a small strip of almost black hair on her mound. Her turn for a spot of oral. Getting between her legs, I licked along her soaking gash, tasting her sweet cunt juices, flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue before gently tugging and sucking it between my teeth. She started rotating her hips against my tongue, then grabbed my head pressing my mouth hard against her cunt, whimpering quietly as I felt a flood of juices in my mouth as she came. I was ready to fuck her and quickly turned her over while she was still cumming, lifted her bum, spread her legs and slid my cock into her gaping fuck hole. As soon as I penetrated her and started to fuck she began moving to meet each thrust, taking my cock as deep in her cunt as she could. I could feel the tips of her fingers, touching my prick as she frigged her clitoris, her nails scrapping against my cock as I rammed her. Looking down I could see her tight puckered arse hole, so I wet a finger and dribbled some saliva on her and began to work a finger up her arse. She moaned loudly, pushing back against my finger as it slid into her bum. I could hear her sighing with each thrust, then her cunt muscles, gripping my cock tighter, almost rippling and massaging my prick as she screamed she was cumming, another gush of cunt cum soaked my cock running down my balls as she orgasmed. I gave her three or four hard thrusts and shot my spunk deep in her soaking cunt.

I'd never fucked a woman who squirted as she came, the sheets were soaked in her cunt ejaculations so we both ended up cuddled on the dry side of her bed. I was just dropping off to sleep when I felt her mouth working on my prick, her hand gently squeezing my balls and stroking my cock. Her expert mouth worked its magic, getting me hard again in record time. She mounted me, riding my cock, allowing me to admire her fit body. Her tits were fantastically firm for her age, just jiggling each time she slammed down on my prick. Hard pink nipples, a flat stomach, then down to that little strip of hair, pointing like an arrow, to her cunt. She started moving faster, back and fore on my cock, grinding her clit against my pubes, her hands on her tits, playing with her nipples. She cried out she was cumming and I saw a squirt of clear liquid shoot from her pussy as if she was pissing. She lay on top of me as I continued fucking her until I came again giving her a second, smaller load of spunk. After that she let me sleep, waking me as it got light to fuck again.

It looked quite warm and sunny outside but I didn't get much of a chance to find out. We showered together than back to bed, Julie wanted cock and I was beginning to flag, she seemed to think I was a fucking machine. I fucked her once more but in the end I couldn't get it up again and told her, half joking that we needed to find someone else to help if she wanted this much sex. “Good idea. We'll find someone tonight. Now can't you manage just once more” was her response. She eventually got me hard again and I fucked her, managing a tiny dribble of spunk. Thank god she fell asleep afterwards, I left my mobile number on a piece of paper and escaped back to my hotel for a few hours, my balls were aching and I was as keen to find another bloke to assist as her.

After a few hours sleep and a hot shower my balls had recovered, but I was certain of one thing, I doubted I could manage or would even survive another night with Julie. About 5pm she rang sounding a bit pissed off that I hadn't been there to give her one when she'd woken. I told her I'd gone to get changed and would be with her in about 30 minutes. She let me in, practically ripped my clothes off, dragged me to the bed for a fuck before she got ready for an early dinner then off to a club to find another bloke to help keep her satisfied. She showered and I sat on the bed watching her, naked in front of the mirror, drying her hair. She went to the wardrobe and found a dress even shorter than the one she'd worn the night before. She put it on, no bra or panties, a stretch lycra type material which clung to her curves, left little to the imagination and barely covered her pussy even when she was standing in her heels. Leaving the hotel, walking down the steps, people entering, must have been able to look up her dress and see her cunt. We visited several bars, me sticking to beers, Julie knocking back various cocktails, getting plenty of attention, sitting flashing her pussy at any bloke she fancied which seemed to be most of them. We were just about to move on when two guys came in, both young, probably only 18 or 19, and stood at the bar next to her. I could see them looking at her, her nipples poking through the thin material, her shapely legs uncovered the hem of the dress ridden up so when they looked down, her landing strip and top of her slit were visible. She was soon chatting to them, laughing, touching their arms. She was making it obvious she wanted sex with them and didn't waste any time. Within 10 minutes and one drink she just said to them “Do you want to come to my hotel with me and Greg and fuck me?” No messing, they couldn't believe their luck as the four of us headed back to the hotel.

She took the dress off as soon as we got to her room and lay back on the bed, legs spread wide fingering her pussy, watching us undress, telling us to “Come and get it boys. I'm all yours. Fuck any hole you want” It was just a tangle of arms and legs as she sucked on one cock while being fucked by another. I sat watching then as soon as one lad came in her pussy I replaced him penetrating her cunt as she had a squirting orgasm, fucking her slow and steady until I spunked inside and rolled off. The lad whose cock she'd been sucking told her he wanted to fuck her up the arse. She turned over, reaching into her bag for a tube of lube, handing it to him. He poured some on his cock rubbing it in then around her bum hole, pushing the end of the tube in her arse, squirting some inside her. She got her fingers in her cunt wanking, while he spread her arse cheeks, prising her arse open and slowly pushed his hard cock in her bum. She groaned loudly as she felt her arse hole stretching to take him, the tight hole expanding as she took the tip , then his length as he began to fuck her arse. The other lad was almost erect again, stroking his prick he climbed on the bed in front of her, lifted her head from the pillows and pushed his cock between her lips. As she sucked greedily on his cock the other lad was fucking her arse, increasing his speed, ramming his cock in and out hard, almost forcing his mates prick down her throat. He fucked her for another two or three minutes, then started jerking, cock buried to the hilt up her arse as he came. He kept his cock inside her while she sucked his mate until he gave her a mouthful of spunk which she swallowed before licking the final drops from his cock. He got off the bed so she could grab some tissues then told the other guy to slowly take his cock out of her arse. He withdrew, a mixture of spunk and shit leaking out of her dirt box, before she pressed the tissues to her bum and he headed to the bathroom to wash the bits of shit off his prick. She joined him in the shower before they returned about 10 minutes later.

We fetched drinks from her fridge and sat around watching her entertain us, masturbating first with her fingers, then when we'd finished our beers, letting us use the thick end of one bottle to bottle fuck her and the neck end of another in her arse. Eventually we worked the one in her arse fully up her until only the base was visible. While two were bottle fucking her we took it in turns while she sucked our cocks until we were all hard and ready to fuck her. I fucked her first then watched as she was DP'd by the two lads taking both their pricks into her pussy having two squirting orgasms before they both spunked inside her sloppy cunt. After that I left them to it, getting dressed leaving the three of them asleep on the bed.

I was exhausted after two nights with her and didn't call her the next day, tried the next day and got no reply and when she answered the following day she told me she had arranged to meet someone that night. No doubt someone or probably more than one were going to get fucked by her until she'd drained all their spunk. I didn't see her again until the flight home and at the baggage carousel after we disembarked where she ignored me, though I noticed she was now wearing a wedding ring. When I got outside the terminal I saw her walking off, arm in arm, with a man of about her age. I wonder if he knew how she spent her holiday, perhaps he does and gets off on it or they have an open marriage. Well I've been home a couple of days, and received a text from her asking me to delete her mobile number and not to contact her. I'll probably do as she wants, I guess she was having a fling and it would be pointless contacting her anyway.