Written by she wanted my ball cock

5 Nov 2007

Hi Im a 66 yr old male and i have living 3 doors away a very horny 30 yr old house wife with fantastic tits, as im a retired plumber she knows i still do a few little plumbing jobs, she has my mobile number and often sends me saucy texts.well a couple of weeks back she txt me and said she needed some taps rewashered would it be expencive so i txt her and said more for a joke than anything that I would repair them if I could see her tits. your on came the reply can you cum round now and as my wife was out and her hubby was at work I got round double quick,would you like to see them now or when your finished? I said now would be good so out they came and what a sight,I stood there with a hard on which she noticed and said fuck it we can waste that and took hold of my cock in my trousers and started rubbing it, be carefull I said or else I will shoot my load so she quickly got my cock out and started sucking it, this soon had me throbbing and ready to cum she knew I was getting lose and looked up and took my cock from her mouth and just said I do swallow and started sucking again this time was too much and I started to shoot my load in her hungry mouth, she took the lot and licked my nob dry she said you taste nice must have some more of that soon, well I repaired her taps and as I was putting my tools away she came up behind me with her tits out again and started rubbing my cock which soon rose to the occasion,this time she also had removed her jeans and knickers and I felt her juicy cunt quick she said fuck me so not needing a second telling I bent her over and slid my cock into her juicy wet cunt,and even as I had shot my load half hour ago I didnt last long and shot my load in her juicy but tight cunt,we then both got ourselves sorted out and she made some tea, and she still said do I owe you anything for repairing the taps, I said yes but I will cum back for payment another day, meaning more of her tits and fucking, yes please she said,