Written by Mike

6 Oct 2008

What I am about to recount to you happened some years ago, when I was twenty years old, I have known I was bi sexual since I was fourteen. An old school friend of mine, Roger, had a mate from work called Dale. dale was sex walking, he was divine. He was blond, athletic, firm strong legs the sexiest bum ever and what looked like a very large cock, he always wore tight jeans or white trousers and a tight tshirt or shirt. We often used to caht and almost flirt in the pub. We got on well. I ofetn used to wank over him though! he had a lotus sports car, and I had often commented how great it was, one summer saturday lunchtime he said do you fancy a drive in it, and I jumped at the chance. We went for a drive across Epsom Downs and it was wonderful top down speeding along with a sexy stud driving me, After a while I took a risk and put my hand on his leg, he opened his legs a bit wider and I stroked up towards his cock. He did not stop me. He pulled on a deserted part of the Downs, and said I hope you are not stopping, just because I have? With that he lent across and we had a deep french kiss, and I undid his shirt and his chest was awesome, i kissed each nipple and went down to his cock, undid the trousers, and pulled out a massive 10", thick, viened cock, and proceeded to deep throat him until he came. When I had finished he said his family were away until Monday, and we went back to his house and straight to his bedroom, he stripped and he had the most amazing body, I rimmed him, and he sucked me, then he placed my legs over his shoulders and lubbed my arse and slowly started to enter my arse, then he began to fuck me ahrd, he was very powerful, and fit, and fucked me for ages he was quite rough which i did and still love. He came inside me, and I licked and sucked him clean. We stayed in bed for the next day and a half getting up to shower, and eat. It was amazing sex. He was bi and no one knew that he was. He was a very active top, we had sex for over five years before I m,oved away. But I always remember Dale's body, he cock and the great sex.